Chairman, Alun Richards along with Noor Ul Asif, CEO of resourceful multinational enterprise, held a meeting with Chairman of BOI (Chiarman Board of investment), Haroon Sharif, Zulfi Bukhari Board of Tourism Chairman and Prime Minister Special Advisor on Political Affair, Naeem Ul Haq. In the End, decided to invest 118 Million Dollars in Tourism industry of Pakistan by IHIG, International Hospitality Investment Group.

To discuss the possibilities of Investment in Pakistan, meeting held at Prime Minister’s Secretariat in Islamabad. It was assured to Chairman of IHIG  by Zulfi Bukhari to extend all possible support to foreign investor from Government.

Company’s commitment expressed by Richards to invest in hospitality and tourism sector of Pakistan with $118 million. In country, this will create job opportunities of 4000 Jobs. To raise the standard of this developing country, Two hotels in Bhurban and Shogran already acquired by IHIG. However it is first company to associate with Prime Minister of Pakistan’s vision. IHIG will facilitate the International travelers coming to Pakistan to promote tourism.

Richard stated on the occasion;

In Pakistan, I spend about half of my Childhood. however, Perception has changed positively in global community for this beautiful country for the last few years. Therefore, a lot of travelers are expressing their interest to visit Pakistan from all around the world. Where they can enjoy and explore the diversity of astonishing landscape, varying from beautiful beaches to worlds highest mountains, in addition with wide deserts, lush green fields and much more. Moreover variety of amazing cuisines and culture of hospitality can be unforgettable memories. As New policy by Government of providing E-Visas for 175 countries is a big convenience for international tourists, making it a brilliant lead.

He further added that:

To visit the beautiful Northern areas, Pakistan is the only country to attract all parts of tourism. Expecially the Kaghan valleyt that provides a number of beautiful locations for international and local tourists with pleasant weather conditions for all year. World has now recognized the beautiful image of Pakistan. By capitalizing on strong goodwill and tourist-friendly gestures of government, we are now ready to invest on improving its capabilities.