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Swat Valley Tours
Swat Valley Tours

Swat Valley Tours, 2020, Kalam, Malam Jabba Tours, Swat Tour packages, 2020

Swat Tours 2020: Named as Switzerland of Pakistan by Queen Elizabeth ||, Swat Valley is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Swat valley is known to be as a hidden paradise for the travelers because of its mesmerizing views in different valleys. Swat Valley Tours along with Kalam tours and Malam Jabba tours make the whole trip, even more, cherish and enjoy. To explore such beauty, we SEE Pakistan tours presents affordable and luxury Swat tour packages 2020 under Pakistan tour packages 2020.

Weather In Swat Valley

Weather in the different Swat Valley regions remain cold because of altitude and surrounded dense Alpine forest. In addition, Swat Valley tours are also famous for winters to enjoy the best snowfall of the area, as Swat valley can be reached in winters as well.

The road to Swat valley is in good condition and it takes almost 5 hours to reach and enjoy eyecatching Swat tours.

Swat Attractions & Tour Places 2020

In Swat Valley tours, travelers can explore a lot of destinations whether it can be reached by cars, jeep rides, trekking or hiking. Some of the best Swat Tour Places are:

  • kalam Valley Tour
  • Malam Jabba Tour
  • Mahudand Lake Tour
  • Saifullah Lake
  • Utror Valley
  • Bahrain
  • Gabral Valley

Kalam Valley

Lies at an elevation of around 7600 ft above sea level, Kalam valley is one of the most famous traveling sites in the Swat valley of Northern Pakistan. Kalam valley can be reached by any vehicle as the road leading towards this mesmerizing location is in very good condition except some parts that is under construction. Moreover, the valley can be reached during the Winter season to enjoy the snowfall in the lush green mountains surrounded by dark alpine forest. Furthermore, the traveler can explore many destinations during the stay in Kalam Valley. Some of the best sites in Kalam valley to explore for wanders are Mahudand Lake, Spin Khwar Lake, Green Top Kalam view, Ushu Dense Forest, Gabral Valley and much more. Kalam valley is one of the best destinations in northern areas of Pakistan for pleasant weather during summers and freezing cold in winter. So whenever you have the plan to visit Switzerland of Pakistan, make sure to have Kalam Valley on the list.

Malam Jabba

One of the most famous Ski resorts in the Northern part of Pakistan, Malam Jabba lies at the distance of a 2-hour drive from Main Swat Town. The road leading to this beautiful destination of Swat Valley is in good condition as most of it has been built newly and some part is still under construction. This famous Ski resort was once destroyed by terrorists. After the Pakistan Army has an operation against them and cleared the area, the Pakistan government built it again with all the modern facilities of Ski resort. Moreover, they also have Ice Skating and Chairlift at the location. Malam Jabba Ski resort lies at a high altitude of 9200 ft above sea level. Make sure to visit this destination of Swat Valley once in a lifetime to experience one of the best ski experiences in Northern Pakistan.

Mahudand Lake

One of the most astonishing sites for nature lovers to explore in Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan, Mahudand Lake lies in the northernmost part of Kalam Valley. This marvelous lake has a sky-high elevation of 9400 ft above sea level and can be reached by Jeep ride starting from Kalam Valley. This jeep ride takes around three and half hour drive to reach this splendorous location of Swat Valley. Jeep ride has some best views on the way passing through beautiful villages of Ushu and Matiltan. Mahudand Lake was the name given by the Former Ruler of Swat Valley, as Mahudand means Lake of Fishes. Former Ruler introduced the Rainbow and Brown trout in Mahudand Lake with a large number. The lake has one of the beautiful locations with scenic views around, surrounded by dense Alpine forest and lush green meadows under the shadows of mighty peaks. So plan over your trip with your travel partners and set on a journey towards Kalam valley of Swat to visit this tremendous Lake in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Utror Valley

Situated at an elevation of 7500 ft above sea level, Utror one of amazing villages in Swat Valley of Northern Pakistan. Utror Valley is famous for lush green pastures, lakes, dark alpine forests and the mighty White Mountains. It can be reached by any vehicle but its best to hire a 4×4 jeeps or vehicles to prevent any damage. The road leading to Utror Valley is rocky and accessible with around 1-hour drive from marvelous Kalam Valley of Swat State. In Utror Valley of Swat, travelers can enjoy the stay in the home of nature. One can explore many destinations whether it is jeep ride or trekking within one location. Some of the best ones that can be visited while traveling to Utror Valley are trekking to Spin Khwar Lake and Kundol Lake. Kundol Lake is one of the famous travel spots in Utror valley that lies at a high altitude of 9500 ft. Moreover, one can travel to explore different regions of Swat valley like Gabral valley. Along with this, travelers can move towards splendorous Kumrat Valley of Upper Dir district by having a jeep ride from Utror Valley. It takes around two and a half an hour drive to reach Kumrat valley. So plan up your traveling to Swat valley to explore this marvelous region in the Northern part of Pakistan.

Gabral Valley

Next on the list of famous sites in Swat Valley in Northern areas of Pakistan, we have Gabral Valley normally known as the green valley of Swat Valley in Pakistan. Gabral Valley can be reached easily by a 4×4 jeep ride or vehicles from Kalam Valley of Swat district Pakistan. It takes around 2 hours of journey to reach this lush green valley of Swat state. From Gabral valley, one can explore the life of local people over there in the village. Moreover one can travel to explore the astonishing Kharkhari lake of Gabral valley around 15 km from the village of Gabral, Swat valley Pakistan. This marvelous lake of Gabral valley surrounded by dense alpine forest and snow clads lies at a sky-touching elevation of 5,160 meters above sea level in the northern side of Pakistan. Put this mesmerizing valley in your traveling list while planning to visit Swat of Northern Pakistan.

There are a lot more sites to be discovered by the nature wanderers for the travelers to witness the variety of nature. Along with these natural sightseeing areas, wanderers can also discover the rich culture and history of the region. In addition, adventurers can also enjoy skiing in Malam Jabba Ski resort.

As we offer Swat Valley Tours under Swat tour packages 2020 ranging from short to long and standard to deluxe tour packages. So grab one of the best Pakistan tour packages 2020 that suits you the most to enjoy the best of your time in the marvelous lush green and forests valleys of Swat in the northern areas of Pakistan with your loved ones and make some best unforgettable memories for life.

Along with these natural sightseeing areas, wanderers can also discover the rich culture and history of the region. In addition, adventurers can also enjoy skiing in Malam Jabba Ski resort.

As we offer Swat Valley Tours under Swat tour packages 2020 ranging from short to long and standard to deluxe tour packages. So grab one of Pakistan tour packages 2020 that suits you to enjoy the best of time in the valleys of Swat.

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