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Best Destinations For 2024-25

Best northern areas of Pakistan

Top Tourist Destinations In Pakistan 2024

Here, we will recommend the best tourist destinations in Pakistan in 2024 and offer exciting travel packages. As one of the best leading tour operators in Pakistan, we offer a unique service to all destinations in the Pakistan Travel Package.

The northern part of Pakistan is full of fascinating destinations. Also, the northern part of Pakistan is known worldwide for hiking and explorers. Pakistan has recently been named one of Forbes top tourist destinations for the best tourist destinations of 2019.

Besides, the UK traveler community has designated Pakistan as the first travel country in 2017 and 2018. Pakistan has some of the most beautiful sights, such as valleys, lush forests, meadows, lakes, towering peaks, and much more.

Besides, many famous climbers come to Pakistan to climb the world’s tallest and most difficult mountains, such as K2, Nanga Parbat, and Broad Peak, making Pakistan the world’s major tourist destination. Pakistan has five of the 14,800 peaks in the northern region, mainly in the Karakoram Mountains.

Explore Pakistan Places To Visit By See Pakistan Tour

In the past few years, Pakistan’s tourism industry has developed. The See Pakistan Tours 2024 includes some of the best stimulating and adventurous travel packages in Pakistan in 2024. In 2018, about 1.9 million foreign tourists visited Pakistan and hope to double in 2024.

Therefore, we provide 2024 Pakistan Travel Packages for various destinations in Pakistan according to the needs of tourists.

Do you want to explore the northern part of Pakistan through a luxury travel package or travel budget? We have a team of our experts to provide you with the best service, making it an unforgettable journey of your life.

Most Visited Tourist Destinations In Pakistan

Here is the list of some most visited travel destinations in Pakistan:

  1. Naran Kaghan
  2. Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir
  3. Banjosa Toli Peer
  4. Ratti Gali Lake
  5. Fairy Meadows Hunza
  6. Naran Shogran Neelum Valley
  7. Hunza Valley
  8. Hunza Skardu
  9. Skardu Valley
  10. Chitral Valley
  11. Kalam Swat Valley
  12. Fairy Meadows and Hunza Valley
  13. Naran Shogran
  14. Swat Valley
  15. Murree Pakistan
  16. Saif ul Malook Naran
  17. Shogran Naran & Nathiagali
  18. Banjosa Lake
  19. Lahore City Tour
  20. Islamabad Sightseeing
  21. Babusar Top
  22. Lulusar Lake
  23. Sharan Forest
  24. Taobat Valley
  25. Khujerab Pass

Our See Pakistan Tour includes some of the best Tour Packages to visit the panoramic Places in Pakistan


First and foremost is the Hunza. As Hunza Valley falls in Gilgit Baltistan. The Hunza Valley is located north/west of the Hunza River and is about 2,500 meters above sea level. The valley has three areas: the upper Hunza (Gojal),  the center of Hunza and the Lower Hunza.

Additionally, the Hunza Valley offers the most beautiful attractions in Pakistan. Also, it has many impressive sights. Some of these beautiful places are Rakaposhi Base Camp; Diran Base Camp; Hoper Glacier; Passu and Gulmit; Khunjrab Pass; Atta Abad lake, Batura Glacier, and Nagar valley.

Additionally, Wadi Nagar is also one of the best natural attractions in Pakistan. The valley allows you to admire the world’s largest glaciers and landscapes. Peoples of Hunza valley are one of the best peoples of Pakistan.

Naran Kaghan

The Naran Kaghan Valley is beautiful in the northeast of the Mansehra district. It not only attracts people from Pakistan but also attracts many tourists from all over the world. Furthermore, located in the Lower Himalayas of the Kaghan Valley, it is known for its magnificent natural scenery.

Moreover, it is one of the most fascinating tourist centers in the picturesque Hazara district. Moreover, there are many beautiful and fascinating places, such as Shogran, Jared, Naran, Saif ul Mulook, Dudipatsar, Lulu Sar Lake, Babusar Top, and many other things to do. Thousands of people visit Naran every day. The region’s geography and climate are high mountains, and forests and grasslands dominate the mountains at an altitude of over 17,000 feet.

Swat Valley

The Swat Valley is an administrative district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is the upper valley of the Swat River, rising along the chain of Hindu Kush. Swat is one of the top tourist destinations in Pakistan. Above all, there are green forests and green meadows in the Alps and snow-capped mountains, which bring you lots of fun. Compared to most parts of Pakistan, Swat has an average elevation of 3,220 feet and the climate is cool and humid.

Furthermore, the Swat Valley is also known as the “Pakistan East Switzerland”. The valley has many attractions such as Mahodand Valley & Lake, Natural Ushu Valley & Ushu Forest, Malam Jabba (the famous ski resort of Swat Valley), Madyan, Swat & Kalam Valleys, Bonir, Der, and much other natural scenery.


Whether it’s summer or winter, Murree is always the preferred tourist destination in Pakistan. Murree was the summer capital of the British Raj, in the Punjab Province. People all over Pakistan want to go there to enjoy the natural scenery in the summer. Also, in the winter, experience amazing snowfall.

Similarly, Bhurban and Patriata (New Murree) are the main tourist spots in Murre. Mall Road is equally important to favorite tourist attractions. With its magnificent flora and breathtaking views, it attracts visitors from different parts of Asia. The most popular hiking trails in Murree Hills are Dunga Gali, Muskpuri Hill, Nathiagali, Bara Gali, and Mall Road.


There is a spectacle on the knees of the northernmost tip of Pakistan, and Skardu is one of them. Skardu is the preferred destination for climbers and hikers. The Khaplu Valley has many beautiful and charming places that appeal to you, and its impressive curved paths are covered by tall trees. Above all, the floating Indus River and the majestic Kachura Lake between the magnificent giants are ready to appeal to you with their vibrant charm. The cold wonders of the cigar desert and the sheer beauty of Deosai are both fascinating.


In the northwestern part of Pakistan, the Chitral Valley is beautiful and charming. It is one of the Top Tourist Destinations In Pakistan and is known for its fascinating natural beauty and fascinating culture. It is located in the province of Khyber Phatunkhawn, also in the western part of the Kunhar River.

Moreover, the valley is surrounded by a huge Indian mountain range and rises to 7709 m above sea level. Every quarter is full of surprises.

Chitral is known as the Kalash Valley, and ethnic minorities in Pakistan promote their Greek culture. The best time to explore the valley is from April to October when you will find plenty of colors and fruits. In summer, Chitral welcomes summers of various colors in the valley, while in winter, all places wear white shawls. As a popular tourist destination in northern Pakistan, many of the tourist attractions of the Chitral Valley offer a pleasant panoramic view.

Azad Kashmir

undoubtedly, Kashmir tops the list because of its amazing weather the whole year. Azad Kashmir doesn’t need to introduce it when discussing its stunning beauty. Uniquely, the blue pearls of the Neelum valley are filled with 12 beautiful valleys, waterfalls, and rich light green. Also, the valley is filled with magnificent areas, green bottles, and vast mountains. It is the center of the resort. Everything has a lot of beauty, common excellence, and the living culture that lives there. In addition to the Neelum Valley, we will find a wonderful walk in the magnificent landscape of the villages of Sharda, Taobut, and Tolipir. Hence, every location in Azad Kashmir has its unique meaning. Banjosa Lake and Rati Gali Lake is fascinated by its dazzling beauty.

Neelum Valley

Lastly, Neelum Valley captures millions of tourists per year. The Neelum Valley is a 144 KM long valley in Azad Kashmir. The valley is located in the north and northeast of Muzaffarabad (the capital of Azad Kashmir). Moreover, spread over the small Himalayas of the Neelum Valley, across the magnificent scenery, panoramic views, the hillsides of the Neelum River in the bustling dense green forests, beautiful rivers, and fascinating surroundings make the valley a reality.

Consequently, The Neelum Valley is one of the most attractive places for tourists due to its lush vegetation, springs, streams, rivers, lakes, and neglected mountains. However, some famous places such as Athmuqam, Kutton Jagran, Keran, Neelum, Ratti Galli, Noori top, Sharda, Sharda Fort, Sharda University (The Oldest University of Sub-Continent), Arang Kel, Hamlet, Taobat, and many more.

Hence, the Neelum Valley also takes you to the most beautiful lake “Ratti Gali”. Lake Patrick and the Peak are the new attractions of the Neelum Valley. You can reach Ratti Gali, Patlian, and Baboon Top in 4X4 vehicles.


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