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Azad Kashmir Tours

Azad Kashmir Tours

Azad Kashmir Tours 2024

Visit AJK with the affordable Azad Kashmir Tour Packages 2024

Azad Kashmir Tours is always excited for tourists from Pakistan and abroad when getting a chance to visit AJK. Most of the travelers get the Azad Kashmir tours package along with Pakistan tour packages.

Commonly, known to be AJK, Azad Jammu and Kashmir is in the Northern areas of Pakistan. While there are some points from where you can see Indian Occupied Kashmir just on another side of the river like Keran village. We See Pakistan tours have a list of adventurous Azad Kashmir tours package 2024.

Moreover, Azad Kashmir has borders with different regions and provinces of Pakistan. Like border with Gilgit-Baltistan on North, Punjab province on South and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on East. Furthermore, Indian Occupied Kashmir resides on East divided by Line of Control (LOC). The total areas in Azad Jammu and Kashmir are 13,297 square kilometers (5,134 sq. mi) and a total population of 4,045,366 as per the 2017 survey.

Additionally, the road to Azad Jammu and Kashmir is in really good condition. All of the roads reaching towards Azad Jammu and Kashmir regions start from the Capital City of Pakistan, Islamabad. It takes near to 3 hours of drive to enter Azad Kashmir of Pakistan.

Azad Kashmir is divided into ten districts for administration.

Which are:

  • Muzzafarabad
  • Kotli
  • Mirpur
  • Bagh
  • Bhimber
  • Sudhnoti
  • Neelum Valley
  • Jhelum Valley
  • Poonch
  • Haveli

Weather in Azad Kashmir

Weather in Azad Kashmir is changing with districts as Mirpur and Bhimber district areas are considered as warm areas where the temperature rises in summers. However, the other areas of Azad Kashmir have a lower temperature during summer. Heavy snowfall occurs in Sudhnuti, Poonch, Bagh, and Neelum districts in winters.

However, tons of tourists visit Azad Kashmir in summer to see the stunning visiting sites. Moreover, a huge number of travelers visit these mesmerizing destinations of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan during winter’s time to enjoy the best snowfall in the region. Especially the Neelum Valley is the most famous tourist destination for travelers coming from all over the country.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Azad Kashmir

There is a lot of astonishing destination for travelers to explore in Azad Kashmir of Pakistan. Most of the tourist sites reside in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. Azad Kashmir Pakistan has many things to offer its wanderers, whether it is lush green valleys, dense alpine forests, mighty waterfalls, deep crystal clear blue water lakes, lush green meadows, Azad Kashmir has everything that visitors want to see. Along with the beautiful natural sightseeing destinations, Azad Kashmir of Pakistan has also a great history. One can have a Cultural and Historical journey towards Azad Kashmir to explore the old historical sites.

The most attractive travel destinations and places to visit in Azad Kashmir tours are:

  • Neelum Valley
  • Jhelum Valley
  • Leepa Valley
  • Ganga Choti
  • Tolipir
  • Banjosa Lake
  • Mangla Dam
  • Pir Chinasi

Neelum Valley

On the top of the list, we have the Neelum valley of Azad Jammu and Kashmir of Pakistan. This mesmerizing valley lies in between the northern areas of Pakistan. This valley is easily accessible starting from Islamabad through Muzzafarabad. Muzzafarabad city is the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan. From Muzzafarabad one goes towards Neelum valley Via Athmuqam town. Athmuqam is the Headquarter of Neelum valley, Azad Kashmir of Pakistan.

Furthermore, Neelum valley is supposed to be one the best traveling site in Pakistan that resides in Azad Kashmir. All over the year, thousands of tourists move to this astonishing valley to witness the beauty of nature. Neelum valley lies mostly at the LOC (Line Of Control) between Pakistan Kashmir and Indian Occupied Kashmir. One can have a cup of tea just facing the Indian army on the other side of the river Neelum. This river is basically the Krishen Ganga River in India that enters Pakistan through the Taobat valley of Neelum, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. After entering Pakistan Kashmir, it changes into Neelum River, titled on the name of Neelum valley.

However, Neelum valley has a lot of beautiful traveling sights for a thrilling adventure. Some of the most adventurous journeys to astonishing spots are:

  • Chitta Katha Lake
  • Taobat
  • Arang Kel
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Shounter Valley
  • Keran Valley
  • Kutton Waterfall
  • Shounter Valley

Chitta Katha Lake

The most attractive destination in the Neelum valley of Azad Kashmir Pakistan, Chitta Katha lake lies at the sky-high elevation of 4,100 m (13,500 ft) above sea level. This mesmerizing lake lies in the astonishing lush green Shounter Valley of Neelum Azad Kashmir Pakistan. Chitta Katha Lake can be reached through shounter valley of Neelum Kashmir.

To reach Shounter Valley, one can have an adventurous jeep ride to the valley for 2 and a half-hour of distance from Kel village Azad Kashmir Pakistan. After a thrilling ride, travelers have the hike through some of the most breathtaking views to reach this Glacial lake. The best time to visit this destination is in summer. However, in winters the lake gets closed for travelers due to the heavy snowfall in the valley and the lake. The lake itself gets frozen during winters becomes too difficult to reach.


Next on the list in Neelum valley Azad Kashmir of Pakistan, we have the most beautiful Taobat that lies at the end of Neelum valley. Taobat is the first village from where Krishen Ganga River enters Pakistan as Neelum River. Taobat is situated next to Indian Occupied Kashmir in far northern Pakistan. One can reach this astonishing destination by having a thrilling journey on a jeep starting from Kel village. The jeep track is almost 40 km that covers around 4 hours of jeep ride through the curvy path. After reaching this destination one can go mesmerized with the landscape of Taobat and can make some unforgettable life memories.

Arang Kel

The most famous place in the region of Neelum valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan is Arang Kel. This place can easily be accessed through any vehicle as most of the road is in good condition. After the long drive starting from Islamabad through the mighty green mountains, travelers have to cross the river with the help of a Chair lift. Furthermore, after that, it is about hiking now.

There is a hiking trail for about 40 minutes through a dark alpine forest to reach this heavenly beautiful location, Arang Kel. Every year thousands of travelers move towards Arang Kel to experience the village life of Azad Kashmir. In the village, one has the experience of traditional rest houses as there are no hotels for the tourists. So whenever you make a plan to visit Azad Kashmir of Pakistan, make sure to have Arang Kel on the list to enjoy the best moments with your loved ones.

Ratti Gali Lake

Fed by the glaciers water of the mountains in the surrounding, Ratti Gali lake lies in the upper Neelum region of Azad Kashmir Pakistan. One can visit this desired location from July to September by having an adventurous Jeep ride of 2 hours from Dowarian village. After the thrilling ride, one has to experience the hiking of 1 hour to reach the mighty lake hidden between the mountains. The lake resides at an altitude above sea level of 3700 m (12,130 ft). The best time ever to visit this piece of nature is during summers as it becomes nearly impossible to reach in winter because of the snowfall.

Shounter Valley

One of the most beautiful valleys of Neelum valley Azad Kashmir is Shounter Valley. One can cross through shounter valley towards Skardu valley via Astore using a pass by trekking. To reach this marvelous valley, one has to hire a jeep from Kel village for around 2 to 3 hours of the ride. In the valley, there is a small but marvellous lake, Shounter Lake. One can have sightseeing of this beautiful while traveling to Shounter Valley. Moreover, travelers have to do the camping under the shiny starry sky as there are no hotels over there.

Keran Village

Now we have a village that is on both sides of the border, Keran Village in Azad Kashmir Pakistan, and Indian Occupied Kashmir. This village is divided by the River of Neelum Valley as LOC on both sides of the Border. From the village Keran, one can beautiful Sunset views from the traditional Kashmiri Guest Houses. Travelers can experience life over there facing India. Make up your plan, pack your backpack, and set the journey towards this peaceful village Keran of Neelum valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan to capture some real-life moments of traveling.

Furthermore, below are details for some other best-traveling destinations in Azad Kashmir of Pakistan.

Leepa Valley

Lies in north Pakistan, Leepa Valley situated in Azad Kashmir Pakistan around 80 km of a drive from Capital Muzaffarabad. The beautiful valley is at an elevation of 3000 meters (10,000 feets) touching the sky above sea level. The valley has pleasant weather during summers. However, in winters the Leepa Valley in Azad Kashmir of Pakistan receives heavy snowfall that presents mesmerizing views with old traditional wooden houses to the visitors. One should plan for this place while traveling towards Azad Kashmir Pakistan.

Ganga Choti

Situated in the Bagh District of Azad Kashmir Pakistan, Ganga Choti is a peak that touches the sky at the heights of 3,044 meters (9,987 feets) above sea level. Every year a lot of visitors move to this point to have a smooth trek to enjoy the serenity of nature from the top of the peak. One should travel to this place at least once in life.

Banjosa Lake

Accessible by the metallic road from the city of Rawalakot, Banjosa Lake lies in the Pooch district of Azad Kashmir Pakistan. This is an artificial lake at an altitude of 6,499 feets (1,981 meters) above sea level surrounded by the dark alpine forest. From Rawalakot city, it is around 18 Km in distance. The weather remains pleasant in summers and gets below zero degrees in winters. Plan up the journey to this point with your loved one to have the best romantic time in Azad Kashmir of Pakistan.

Pir Chinasi

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations, Pir Chinasi is basically a shrine that is situated at top of the mountain with an elevation of 9500 feet (2,900 meters). It usually takes around 1 and a half-hour drive around 30 km of distance from capital city Muzaffarabad of Azad Kashmir Pakistan. The road leading to this point of Azad Kashmir is metaled can easily be accessed with some gigantic views of the Azad Kashmir Mountains and rivers. So make sure to have this plan while having a short trip to Azad Kashmir of Pakistan.

In addition to these, Azad Kashmir of Pakistan has an amazing landscape, whereas it is meadows, lakes, or High Mountain clads. These Azad Kashmir tours are the best for the ones who want to enjoy the serenity of Nature in a smooth traveling experience. Moreover, Azad Kashmir is the best for mountaineering, camping, hiking, trekking, or even rock climbing ranging from easy to moderate level.

Here are some of the best Azad Kashmir tours packages in  Pakistan tour packages 2024 presented by See Pakistan tours. So grab one that suits you immediately to have an adventurous time with your loved ones and make some lovely memories to remember in the old age of times.

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