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Visit Naran Kaghan With Affordable Naran Kaghan Tours Packages 2019 – Naran Kaghan Trip

Visit Naran Kaghan in 2019 and enjoy the mesmerizing scenes of the valley. Naran Kaghan tours are always excited to the tourists when it comes to travel around Pakistan in 2019. The beautiful Naran Valley, located in the upper region of Kaghan Valley is a medium-sized town. Whereas the spot is a beautiful travel destination in Northern Pakistan. Naran is a valley with lush green mountains, deep blue water lakes, and meadows. Naran Kaghan trip has a beauty of its own and can’t be compared with others. Visit Naran Kaghan in 2019 to explore the beauty of Pakistan. See Pakistan Tours offer affordable Naran Kaghan tour packages 2019 to the tourists want to visit Naran Kaghan.

Naran Kaghan trip becomes more excited with friends. We have a wide range of Naran Kaghan Group tours to fulfill your travel dreams.

Weather In Naran Kaghan –  Naran Kaghan Tours 2019 – Naran Kaghan Trip

Weather in Naran Kaghan remains pleasant all along the year except Dec. to Feb and it takes a lot of passion to visit Naran Kaghan during winters because of heavy snowfall, it makes difficult to have a trip to Naran Kaghan. Along with this, it has an elevation of 2500 meters above sea level. The valley has snow-clad mountains around it and the top of peaks remains covered with snow all along the year. Travelers can enjoy their Naran Kaghan tours and its cold weather in summers by getting one of our best Naran Kaghan tour packages 2019, So, yes make a trip to Naran Kaghan today. However, Naran Kaghan tours and places remain closed during the winter season due to snowfall, although during summer season temperature varies from pleasant weather to below the zero sometimes as well. Naran Kaghan tours usually start from the very start of the season when it opens for tourists from late March till early November every year. During March some areas Naran valley remain covered in snow but the road gets opened for travelers to visit Naran Kaghan.

In the summer season, Naran Kaghan weather & temperature changes every month. So if you are planning to make a trip to Naran Kaghan, you should read the following info on Naran Kaghan weather before Naran Kaghan trip.

Naran Kaghan Weather In March – Naran Kaghan Trip

In March Naran Kaghan tours reduced due to heavy snowfall. Naran Kaghan weather in March remains unpleasant and not very suitable for Naran kaghan trip. One can be lucky to find this dramatic valley under white showers during their trip to Naran Kaghan. The maximum temperature of 8 degrees and a minimum of 0 degrees remains in Naran Kaghan during March. On the averages note, it usually has 4 degrees Celsius. A trip to Naran Kaghan in March can be beautiful for the adventure lovers.

Naran Kaghan Weather in April – Naran Kaghan Trip

In April, Naran valley receives more degrees in temperature. It has the maximum and minimum of 15 and 5 degrees. Usually, it has an average of 10 degrees Celsius of temperature. And this is the opening month for Naran Kaghan tours. So, be an early bird for Naran Kaghan Trip.

Naran Kaghan Weather in May – Naran Kaghan Trip

During the month of May, most of the Naran Kaghan tour places open for the wanderers that were covered in the snow in winters. On the average in this month, Naran has 14 degrees of temperature with the minimum and maximum of 9 and 19 degrees of temperature. And in this month most of the tourist love to visit Naran Kaghan.

Naran Kaghan Weather in June – Naran Kaghan Trip

In June it gets little warmer than other months with the average temperature of 19 degrees. However the maximum and minimum temperatures are 24 and 13 degrees Celsius. This is the time when Naran Kaghan tours start to get the peak of the season. A trip to Naran kaghan in June is favorite among the Pakistanis because of the hot weather in Most of the areas of Pakistan.

Naran Kaghan Weather in July – Naran Kaghan Trip

July is the warmest month in the valley of Naran throughout the year. On the maximum note, it receives 25 degrees with a minimum of 14 degrees. However average temperate remains on a decent note with 20 degrees of Celsius. Visitors from All over the places love to book Naran Kaghan tours during this month and usually, the hotels in Naran Kaghan get overbooked during these months. If you are planning for a Naran Kaghan Trip, make all the necessary arrangements.

Naran Kaghan Weather in August – Naran Kaghan Trip

After July in august, the valley turns back to drop degrees. It usually has a minimum and maximum of 14 degrees and 24 degrees. However, on average, it has 19 degrees Celsius. At the end of August, the visitors have a low tendency towards Naran Kaghan tours and Naran Kaghan Trip ratio starts to come down from August.

Naran Kaghan Weather in September – Naran Kaghan Trip

Usually, in September it changes the season from summer to autumn in northern areas of Pakistan. Same as in Naran valley, it drops the temperature to a minimum of 10 and maximum of 21 degrees. On average it becomes 16 degrees in Celsius. So as the density of Naran Kaghan tours drops in September and also people tend to book lesser Naran Kaghan trip.

Naran Kaghan Weather in October – Naran Kaghan Trip

October is most probably the last month for the travelers to visit Naran Kaghan. Because sometimes it receives heavy snowfall and the roads get blocked. However, the temperature during October from minimum to maximum is 6 and 17 degrees. The average temperature is about 11 degrees during this month. But still, nature lovers make the trip to Naran Kaghan in this month as well.

Naran Kaghan Weather in November – Naran Kaghan Trip

Usually, Naran valley gets closed during this month because of snowfall. Similarily temperature reaches 0 degrees at the minimum sometimes below zero at night. For the maximum is like 8 degrees and on average is 4 degrees Celsius.

After November, Naran valley stays at the minus temperature and remain closed for any Naran Kaghan tours.

Naran Valley  – Naran Kaghan Trip, Tours

Naran Valley is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, the road condition to visit Naran Kaghan is really good then other locations. The road to Naran Valley has mesmerizing views on the way alongside river Kunhar.

Naran Kaghan Tour is famous amongst friends, families, and couples. It is the most famous place to visit in the northern areas of Pakistan with most modern facilities and hotels. Every year millions of tourist from Pakistan and other countries come to visit this astonishing valley during their Naran Kaghan trip. The valley resides in the mighty Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan. Himalaya is one of the biggest mountain range in Pakistan and the largest one in the world. This mountain range covers five countries, those countries are Nepal, Bhutan, China, India, and Pakistan. In Naran Kaghan tour packages 2019, SEE Pakistan Tours presents some of the best travel experience for the visitors. Naran Kaghan tours have some of the best sightseeing locations and some of the beautiful trekking spots. Moreover, Naran valley is the center spot where travelers going towards Hunza or Skardu, they spent a night for halfway. We offer the best Naran Kaghan tour packages 2019 for both domestic and foreign travelers.

Top Places To Visit Naran Kaghan – Naran Kaghan Trip

Tourists find Naran Kaghan an exciting place to visit as there are several eye-catching places to visit during Naran Kaghan tours 2019. Some of the best places to visit in Naran Kaghan trip are:

  • Lake Saif ul Malook
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Lalazar Plateau
  • Babusar Top (4,173m)
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Batakundi
  • Besal
  • Dudipatsar Lake

Lake Saif Ul Malook – Naran Kaghan Tour 

On the top of the list, we have mighty Lake Saif ul Malook that one should specially visit during Naran Kaghan tour 2019. The lake Saif Ul Malook itself is an example of beautiful Nature making it one of the most beautiful locations in Naran Kaghan region. Saif Ul Malook Lake is located at an elevation of 3,224 m (10,499 ft) under the shadows of mighty Malika Parbat peak, around 20 km away from the beautiful Naran Valley. This distance can be covered mostly with the thrilling jeep ride of 30 minutes. Moreover, some prefer to go by the trek to the lake having some of the gigantic views around.

However, travelers can enjoy some of the best time at the lakeside during Naran Kaghan trip. One can have boating experience at the lake with Malika Parbat at the backdrop or one can have a beautiful walk around the lake with loved ones. Furthermore, more travelers can enjoy snow sliding on the glaciers around the lake. Many of the visitors do camping adventure near the bank of the lake to experience the night under the shiny Milkyway.

This lake is famous because of the love story of Prince Saif Ul Malook and Fairy Queen Badi Ul Jamal. According to the story, the prince was from Egypt who comes over the lake to find his dream love and finally, he found the Fairy over the lake. He fought for the Fairy with Giant who captured her for the last 10 years. For such reason, this lake was named as Lake Saif Ul Malook.

Lulusar Lake – Naran Kaghan Tours

Lies at the altitude of 3,410 m (11,190 ft), Lulusar lake situated in the region of Naran valley around 30 km away from Naran Valley. Road to this lake in Lulusar-Duduipatsar National park is metalled and can be reached by any vehicle easily or instead book Naran Kaghan Tour to ease yourself. Fishing or boating is not allowed at this lake. Moreover, this lake is the primary source for the water of river Kunhar. According to the locals, it is said that this mighty lake is haunted and for such purpose, boating or fishing is not allowed.

Well, no one knows the reality of being haunted or not. Although this is the biggest lake in the Naran kaghan tour points. So grab one of the Naran Kaghan tour packages 2019 to witness the beauty of this majestic lake.

Lalazar Plateau – Naran Kaghan Tours

In Naran Kaghan tour places, we have one of the most beautiful Lalazar meadows in Batakundi of Naran Valley. Around 25 Km away from Naran Valley, Lalazar plateau is a lush green meadow with the elevation of 3,123 m (10,246 ft). One can easily reach this destination by having an adventurous muddy jeep ride of 30 minutes though a thin one jeep road.

Babusar Top – Naran Kaghan Tours

Next, we have the highest point of Naran tour places, Babusar pass with the elevation of 4,173 m (13,700 ft) above sea level. Babusar top is the most famous tourist spot in Naran valley that should be visited once in a lifetime. Moreover, it is the last point of Naran valley and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Bypassing through this Babusar top, one can reach Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. From the top, travelers can enjoy some peaceful mesmerizing views of the Himalayas in Naran kaghan tour places. Make a trip to Naran Kaghan to enjoy the beautiful Babusar Top.

Ansoo Lake – Naran Kaghan Tours

In Naran Kaghan tour places, we have many of the beautiful trekking and hiking spots for the mountains lovers. One the most beautiful one is a trek to Ansoo Lake that resides at the elevation of 4,250 m, supposed to be one of the highest lakes in Naran tour places and also in the northern part of Pakistan. This marvelous lake can be reached by having a jeep ride to Saif Ul Malook Lake, after having a horse ride for 2 hours and then 1 hour of trekking to Ansoo Lake. This point in Naran kaghan tour packages 2019 should at least be visited once in a lifetime.

Dudipatsar Lake – Naran Kaghan Tours

One of the most beautiful spots located in the Lulusar Dudipatsar National park of Naran tour places, Dudipatsar Lake. The mesmerizing lake situated at an altitude of 3,800 m above sea level. One can visit this place after having an adventurous trek for 3 and a half-hour starting from Jalkhad in Naran Kaghan trip. Dudipatsar means White Mountains Lake because of the snow clads around it. It is also is known as the Queen of the lakes in northern Pakistan. This lake is still unexplored to the world and very few numbers of adventure lovers visit this piece of heaven in a year. Although one should grab their friends for a journey to this point of Naran tour packages 2019.

We have a list of Naran Kaghan tours packages to visit Naran Kaghan in Pakistan tour packages 2019 as below, whether it is short or long, deluxe or standard. So grab the one Naran Kaghan Tours that suits you to have the precious time of your life with your loved ones. Set on the Journey towards the Himalayas and make some of the best memories with your loved ones for life.

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