Whether it is the end of your semester and you are planning to visit Pakistan or you just got married and wish to explore the country with your life partner, don’t forget to visit the capital of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad. You can have amazing and unforgettable holidays with our excellent travelling services. See Pakistan Tours takes the clients to the most beautiful and breathtaking places of Islamabad. No matter what package you choose, we offer the best travel services including ground transportations rent a car Islamabad, hotel stay, air tickets, and much more. The city has many tourist attraction, following are the most iconic places of Islamabad.

Shah Faisal Mosque

Most people of Pakistan know about this place. Shah Faisal Mosque is an amazing artwork which is visited by numerous localists and foreigners. This is a must-visit-place of Islamabad and you can reach there easily with our excellent Islamabad rent a car service. The Mosque is one of the most beautiful Mosques in the world which is located in the Margalla Hills. The Mosque was built under the supervision of late Shah Faisal of Saudia Arabia, it is a gift from him to the Pakistanis.


Another beautiful place of the capital of Pakistan is Daman-e-Koh which is also located in the Margalla Hills. When you stand on top of Daman-e-Koh, you are able to see the outstanding view of Islamabad city. The main picnic point of this place is Prisohawa where you find many tourists whether you go in daylight or at night. The place is more stunning when you visit it at night so rent a car Islamabad from us and enjoy the glamorous view of this place.

Rawal Lake

One of the most common dams in the country was built on this lake that is Rawal Dam, this is why the beautiful place is called as Rawal Lake. Saying that this is one of the most visiting places in Islamabad wouldn’t be wrong. It is enriched with beautiful scenic views and you can enjoy fishing, picnic, and boating with your dear ones at this lake. So, get yourself Islamabad rent a car service and have an amazing time with your friends and family.

Shakarparian Hills

This is the second most famous place to visit in Islamabad which is situated near zero point. From the beautiful hills, you can see both Islamabad and Rawalpindi clearly without any hassle. There are many rent a car Islamabad services which you can avail to visit this place. When tourists come to this place, they plant a tree as a symbol of friendship. The visitors have a mutual belief that it strengthens the relationship between citizens of the country.

Margalla Hills

On top, we have Margalla Hills, the most iconic and popular place of Islamabad which is covered with fog in winter and give away refreshing view in Summer. The place is known as the heart of Islamabad. This is a perfect place for hiking lovers and people who love adventures. No matter what weather you choose to visit this place, it is always pleasant. Book an Islamabad rent a car and enjoy the breathtaking views and hiking at this place.