Colors of Beautiful Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan


Once again, wandering in the cool breeze of spectacular Hunza valley, I gave it a thought to write it down as my personal experience to show the Colors of Beautiful Hunza Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

Well, the COVID-19 pandemic made me sick, sitting at home during the world under lockdown. I spent my time watching Netflix, sometimes having a walk to the rooftop and back to the room. Like other travelers in the world, I was waiting for the situations to get back to everyday life—nothing to scare about, nothing to fear from as before. I just wanted to travel again, to fly free again in the pleasant, in the marvelous mighty mountains of nature. Being a traveler, I was keenly waiting to get back on Journey, to get far away from this world and closer to the gifts of nature. Wanted to walk again on the Bank of rivers and have a cup of Tea.


Colorful Cycle at Attabad Lake


Colorful Cycle at Attabad Lake 

On 4th August 2020, the Government of Pakistan made a press conference, in which they stated that the lockdown from the country Lifts after reviewing the situation of COVID-19. Finally, the announcement that everyone has been waiting for, mostly the travelers, have come on air. Anyone can travel to any part of Pakistan. A lot of people went out towards the Northern part of Pakistan, mostly towards Naran Kaghan Valley and Swat Valley. It was too hectic, the roads get blocked due to traffic jams, and the hotels were all booked. In Conclusion, a layer of joy and hope for Tour Operators and Hoteliers working in Pakistan’s Northern areas.

At last, on 24th August 2020, I made a plan to visit the Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. So I can see fewer people and more nature. Due to raining in the Mountains region of Pakistan, fewer people were traveling to Hunza valley. I applied for my leave from the office for a week from 31st August till 6th September 2020. Everything goes according to plan; my travel backpack was ready. So let’s get on Journey like Old times.

On the morning of 31st August 2020, to start my Journey and a driver (Arshad Bhai) from our company, the weather ideal matches my expectations and liking. As it was raining, turning every part to a fresh color and fresh start. Once again, I checked everything necessary and set on Tour to Hunza Valley. It was a great feeling to be on the road, after a tense situation of COVID-19 pandemic. As for the streets, the Government of Pakistan had started an Expressway that reached Balakot City. This Expressway is under the project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The weather was rainy and colder in Balakot city, covering the lush green mountains of Balakot under the mighty clouds. We stopped in Balakot for a while to have Lunch in the market. Over there, I had no signals on my Ufone network, but I saw promotions of Telenor over there. It’s best to have a Telenor sim card if you are traveling for Naran Kaghan Valley.


Telenor Promotions

The Lunch 


After Lunch, we started Journey back to reach for our first-night stay amid Naran Valley. It took us around Three Hours to reach down on a location, stopping by at some points like Kewai Waterfalls. Also, for the area, what’s best then Tea while sitting in the pleasant weather under mountains and forests’ shades?

Naran, The Valley describes its beauty by the lush green mountains, deep fairy tale lakes, Sky-high mountain pass, and splendid colorful meadows. The valley lies on the borderline of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, connecting to Gilgit Baltistan in the North of Pakistan through Babusar Pass (4,173 m). Surrounded by dense alpine woods, Naran Valley topped Pakistan’s best traveling destinations, especially for the Local tourists. The valley can be reached easily by a new motorway in just 7 hours from the Capital city. Well, let’s have some rest as we have a long journey in the morning.

The next morning, yet again, rainy, beautiful cloudy weather was waiting for us on Journey. That day our destination was to reach Gilgit city for a night stay. On the way, it was less traffic than usual, feel like we were the only one wandering in this part of Pakistan. We stopped for a while at Lulusar Lake of Naran Valley and again a cup of TeaTea. It was a peaceful time spent over there, green Tea under the Shop’s rood while raining and Lulusar Lake at the backdrop.


Normal Life in Naran Valley


Life of Naran Valley 

Further, the Journey took us around 45 minutes to reach Babusar top from the Lake. The Top, the pass that connects two provinces of Pakistan, touching the sky at 4,173 meters (13,690 feet). Babusar, one of the most beautiful mountain pass, was looking even more dazzling that day after the Rain. The colors were at their full bloom. That day, the clouds were ruling over the land. However, the magic of this location doesn’t let travelers pass through this point.


Somehow, we had to be healthy hearts to say Goodbye to Babusar Top and Naran Valley. Like some other destinations, some other magic of nature was waiting for us. It was quite a long tiring journey from Naran to Gilgit as the road condition was too bad. The flooding and landslides made roads disappear due to Heavy Rain in most of the Northern areas of Pakistan. But we didn’t get scared as I knew that the world’s best destinations come after your comfort zones. At last, I managed to reach Gilgit city till evening.

An adventurous jeep ride was waiting for me the next morning. We headed towards the Normal village of Gilgit Baltistan to hire a thrilling jeep ride for Naltar Valley. It was still cloudy weather, and better not to go for Naltar Valley on a rainy day as nature can test your patience for traveling by landslides. But the love of Naltar valley forced me to face this experience, and we set for it. The road that connects Normal village and Naltar Valley was under construction, so its condition was even worse than before. After around one hour, we reached Naltar Valley that resides at 9700 feet, surrounded by lush green alpine forest with the White Mountains at the back under the roaring dark clouds. We stopped for a while to catch a glimpse of the valley under beautiful weather. Setting back to journey for the beautiful lakes of Naltar Valley, the clouds started weeping slowly, making it a most romantic sight to have a walk along with your loved one. Yet I am single, so I believe nature as my loved one to walk along.


Jeep Ride to Naltar Valley

As we moved further, the Rain started to have pace, making it difficult to reach anywhere. At this moment, after crossing so many hurdles, we stopped at Bashgiri. The place where they kept Snow leopard in a cage. The beautiful female snow leopard with Lovely’s name given by its caretaker was enjoying the weather that day. We gave it a thought to go back from here, as it was heavily raining and also to get dark.


According to the plan, we had to reach Hunza valley on the same day. So I turned our jeep back towards Naltar Valley and then to Normal village. On the way, we saw some rocks coming from the mountains due to Rain. As we crossed Naltar Valley, we got stuck by the landslide and unfortunately had to move to Naltar Valley for the Rain to stop. Having a teacup, it felt like Naltar valley doesn’t want us to leave so early. Waiting for Rain to stop, the brightness of day time turns into the darkness of night, and we had to stay there for the night.


Snow leopard in Naltar Valley



The weather was still the same the next day, but the Rain stopped for a while. After breakfast, we get back on the jeep to reach back to Normal village so that we can continue our Journey back to Hunza Valley. Around after one hour, we came to the town and left the jeep over there. Back to Karakorum highway, we moved towards Hunza. One way, we stop at the old road.

Furthermore, The Old silk route remains in action Gilgit Baltistan until 1978. Moreover, when the construction of the Karakorum Highway completes. Karakorum Highway can give some best capture moments of nature, especially the views of Rakaposhi peak (7,788 m). The mountain that remains on Top of your head all time until you reach Hunza Valley. But whether that day didn’t allow it to show. After a while, we stopped at Rakaposhi Viewpoint, even the peak was in clouds, but you can still have a small stop for Tea.


Rakaposhi Peak 7,788 m Under clouds

Attabad Lake 

Furthermore, it took us around One and a half hours to reach The Valley of Hunza. We didn’t stop there as we had planned for a night stay at the Bank of mesmerizing Attabad Lake. Finally, after crossing the tunnel made by China as Pak-China Friendship, we reached there after a half-hour.

The mighty deep blue water lake comes to existence by a catastrophe in January of 2010. A massive landslide blocked the river of Hunza valley. Because of this, Attabad Lake Came into being. The name was given to Lake by the village that drowned under Lake, Attabad.


It is around 10 miles in length. For a long time, people used the boat to travel from one side of Lake to another as the Karakorum highway went down in Lake. Lake formed after a disaster, made itself the best travel sites Hunza valley of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. The blue color of the Lake is a mystery itself, along with enchanting scenes of Passu Cones, gives Lake breathtaking views. Especially when it’s going raining or cloudy. The evening lands in beautifully sitting at the Bank of Lake with Tea and enjoying the views.


Attabad Lake Hunza Valley

The next morning arrived with the beautiful views of Attabad Lake. Our last day in Hunza Valley as from the very next day, we had started moving back to Islamabad. At the same time, that day was the first day when the weather was sunny. We had to visit Baltit fort and Karimabad village of Hunza Valley. Moving towards Karimabad village, you can see a beautiful view of Lady Finger and Ultra’s peak. Reaching there, we had to walk for 15 minutes to reach Baltit Fort.  


Baltit Fort of Hunza Valley

Because of the sunny weather, one can see the Rakaposhi peak from Fort as well. The first-time traveler should visit that Fort and learn the history of Hunza Valley. After a while, I went back down towards the car. I decided to reach back to the lakeside for some good time as it was the last day. So we moved back there and enjoyed some final moments there.

Here are some pictures from Hunza Valley:


Old Women in Karimabad Bazaar


Attabad Lake and Luxus Hunza


Lady Finger in Hunza Valley


Hunza Valley

Travel far enough, face different experiences, but never step back from there once you’re on Journey because The Journey will hate that traveler who doesn’t accomplish it. Just like life, Journey is all about traveling, not the destination.

Keep Traveling and Enjoy.