End Of Coronavirus Outbreak?

Hope: all the reasons to be optimistic about the end of the coronavirus crisis

With Britain beginning to fully self-segregate, many major cities across the world are closed, and terrible sights leaving Spain and Italy, life is now confusing and unsafe. This is a crisis and the economy has stopped.

These are the worst moments.

But there is hope. This is temporary. Will end. There is indeed a reason to be optimistic.

So if you feel a bit desperate, consider:

Life in China and South Korea is returning to normal.

China has not reported any new cases of coronavirus since March 6. (Reported to travellers elsewhere).

The number of COVID-19 deaths that occur every day is less than 10, which is a small number compared to the scale of China.


Hobby comes from isolation.

The blockade was lifted in most parts of Hubei Province where the virus started. Wuhan is the city where the virus first broke out, and restrictions must be lifted on April 8.

Travel restrictions have ended. People can leave their homes again. This is good news.

There are signs that the incidence is moderate in Italy.

Italy has twice experienced a brief period during which new HIV infections and new deaths have decreased. Indeed, they may simply be data breaches. On March 24, authorities reported 5,249 new cases and 743 deaths. Both groups were below the three-day peak.

Overall growth has slowed as if the epidemic is losing momentum in a country where there is nowhere to go. Pakistan is also fighting bravely with this deadly virus and hoping it will end soon with least number of loss.

The intervention was effective.

China, South Korea and Italy have shown that blockades, collective tests and other active government interventions appear to be working. We have the tools to solve this problem. We can use it.

The deadline to “beat this” seems to be only two months. It looks like you’re in jail now, but your sentence is short. It’s over SOON.

Spring and summer may be useful.

There is little evidence that the virus prefers cool, humid weather. On sunny days, many human diseases (cold and flu) are reduced. Welcome us. Summer is coming. The situation may be better.

Testing works.

If you are locked out now, the government is likely to use ridiculous quarantine measures, limiting healthy people and patients. If the government can provide large-scale testing, we only need to isolate the injured, which makes it easier for the rest of us to return to normal. This is a logistical problem: no medical miracle is needed.

There will be a cure.

Many companies are studying the treatment and therapy of coronaviruses. Beyond testing, science will eventually defeat the disease. It’s a matter of time. The future is brighter than it is now.

Most people who receive COVID-19 have only mild symptoms. The disease is serious, but the vast majority of people have recovered.

We will not die all.

This is not a trivial fact. Losing a life will be heartbreaking. But this is not the end of society or civilization. We will continue to live. After the end of the world, society has not fallen into chaos.

When bad things happen in the movie, the government collapses, the city explodes, and zombie survivors eat. There is a special tension in our culture that is plagued by these scenarios (think of the “prep workers” and their endings from global bunkers). However, we have experienced many “doomsdays” in modern memory: Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy on September 11, 2001. There was no power outage in Northeast China in 2003.

People take care of each other and society stands up again.

Throughout the world, people post voluntary notes to provide food for elderly people living alone. The crisis is often well-intentioned, not a civil war.

We are good people and we will overcome Coronavirus soon. Everything is possible!