Family National Parks in Pakistan

National Parks are huge zones of open land put aside for different flavors of plants, creatures and the spots in which they live. Besides, it is best to keep the rare flavors alive which are presently getting to be uncommon as a result of a worldwide temperature alteration. The national stop is home to different endemic species. Theses ensured places fundamental to local individuals, and spots that show how individuals lived already.

The inquiry emerges while discussing the National Parks is that for what reason is that so essential. The world is changing fast and creatures are biting the dust on account of atmosphere changes. To keep them alive, we have made some careful steps with the goal. in which the uncommon types of plants and creatures put something aside for whatever is left of the world.

In 1971, IUCN pronounced a part of the essential focuses for national stops that include. The land must be of 1,000 hectares in which the security of nature is exceeded. Besides, it is to be guaranteed in any National Park that Prohibition of abuse of any characteristic asset.

The principle motivation behind a National Park is the confirmation of biodiversity. The National Parks is like manner serve to give nourishment to guidance, redirection and consistent purposes for individuals.

Pakistan is developing in every one of its segments in like manner Tourism. National Parks additionally holds a sign as the visitor spot. Pakistan being the South Asian nation have uncommon flavors of creature and plant that are uncommon in a different universe. There is a region for Famous National Parks of Pakistan that is the tenant of the lovely animal.

Here is the list of best national parks in Pakistan:

  1. Hingol National Park
  2. Kirthar National Park
  3. Khunjerab National Park
  4. Chitral Gol National Park
  5. Lal Suhanra National Park
  6. Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park
  7. Margalla Hills National Park
  8. Ayubia National Park
  9. Deosai National Park
  10. Machiara National Park


Hingol National Park



Firstly,  the biggest National Park of Pakistan is Hingo National Park, situated in Baluchistan. It is known for its tremendous fields that secured a region of roughly 1,650 square kilometers. Also, it is the tenant of Hingol National Park is known 35 various sorts of warm-blooded creatures (well-evolved creatures), 65 kinds of creatures of land and water (animals of land and water) and reptiles and 185 sorts of Birds (winged animals).

Most importantly, in Hingol National Park you will experience a unique world. that demonstrates the riddles of stupas and animals inside. For example, from the beginning of the long street which prompts the Park than in transit. you will experience a landmark for Princess Of Hope, Makuran, which is about 740 years of age. While entering the recreation center, you will see the monstrous Blue-Stoned Mountains with enthralling Kund Mir Beach.

The Hingol National Parks protects the absolute most delightful common assets with entrancing settings. While driving on the streets of National Park you will see various creatures going by your vehicle, yet chasing is prohibited there. This forceful place is one of the principal purposes behind catching vacationers in Pakistan. An amazing visit to the National Parks of Baluchistan.

Kirthar National Park

Second is the Kirthar National Park which is the second biggest National Park of Pakistan. it is the first to be recorded in the UN’s rundown of National Parks. This immense fields of Kirthar spread more than 1,192 sq miles. It is situated in the north of Kirthar Mountains Karachi and some part in area Jamshoro.

Kirthar National Park Tour is the most captivating visit in light of its region and history. There are two rest houses claimed by Wildlife Department Pakistan to oblige visitors.



In like manner other national parks, Kirthar National Park occupant a part of the uncommon species. which incorporates 34 warm-blooded creatures species, 56 of winged animals and reptiles. You can observe the natural life on the 4X4 vehicle.

Moreover, inside the National Park, you will experience the antiquated place of Ranikot and Toung. The one of a kind spots which interface us to our precursors and their way of life. Ranikot was the fortification for the ruler and Toung is the coveted spot of many human advancements.

In the event that you are a traveler and need to know the old human advancement and natural life in one place at that point do visit Kirthar National Park.


Khunjerab National Park

We have the Khunjerab National Park in the third place, in the most excellent area of Gilgit Baltistan. The recreation center is situated in two locales of Hunza and Nagar. Additionally, Khunjerab Pass is near the Khunjerab National Park’s northwest corner.

It was set up in 1975 and covering a zone of 876 sq mi. the essential focal point of building up the Khunjerab National Park was to secure the natural life for the future age.

By one means or another, the legislature and distinctive association have prevailed in such manner.



The National Park has 16 types of warm-blooded animals and 66 distinct kinds of birds and reptiles. Moreover, it is outstanding for its Snow Leopards. A couple of reports say that it might contain the most critical thickness of these uncommon enormous felines in the Himalayan natural network.

More than 2,000 Siberian ibex, is accessible in the recreation center, nonetheless, missing from neighboring China. Plan a Tour to Gilgit Baltistan and must-visit Khunjerab National Park.


Chitral Gol National Park

In the middle of the tremendous piles of Hindu Kush, there lies a valley Chitral. A wonderful valley with an astounding history. The Chitral Gol National Park situated in the middle of the area of Chitral. The National parks encompass with the most delightful snow-clad mountain and thick trees.

Besides, it is spread over a territory of 7750 hectares and has a part of the various kinds of plants. In the interim meandering in the recreation center, you will experience a quiet place for outdoors and a track to the wilderness.


Chitral Gol National Park – Picture courtesy – BigCatfacts

The entire national stop is secured with snow amid winters make the most attractive perspectives for the traveler. Aside from normal magnificence, Chitral Gol National Park still holds the primary spot in rearing Astor Markhor on the planet.

Other than this, the recreation center tenant of Snow Panther, Kashmir Markhor, Siberian ibex, Ladakh urial, Black bear, Tibetan Wolf, Red fox, Yellow-throated martin, Himalayan and otter diverse winged creatures.

Lal Suhanra National Park



Lal Suhanra National Park has the essential components of the Desert, water, and ecosystem. Situated in the locale of Bahawalpur, covering a territory of 620 km2. Besides, Lal Suhanra possesses watchtowers, getting ground, vacationer cabins, rest houses, Motels, outdoors grounds and treks for the guest and admirers of nature.

It was set up in 1972 yet in late time. The national park was changed over into Safari Park so the guests can observe the untamed life effortlessly. There are numerous types of warm-blooded animal eminent incorporate caracal feline and Indian wolf alongside 160 kinds of Birds.

Moreover, you can discover a waterway with an uncommon kind of various widely varied vegetation here.

Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park



Hazarganji implies a large number of fortunes, this National Park is totally shadow of its name. The Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park was built up in 1980 in the area of Mastung in Baluchistan. Also, it spread over a territory of 15,555 hectors and occupant of numerous extraordinary types of creatures and flying creatures.

Furthermore, the recreation center encompasses the enormous heaps of Suleiman run and furthermore has a desert. Furthermore, Chiltan Hills and the Hazarganji Range lie in the east and west. While heading forward in the Park you will experience thick timberland and its occupants. It is just about 20 kilometers southwest of the city of Quetta.

This national stop is regularly tenant of Suleiman Markhor and Chiltan Ibex and numerous others. What’s more, the recreation center is under the supervision of the Pakistan Army in view of some security inclinations.

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Margalla Hills National Park



While visiting the Famous Places of Islamabad, Margalla Hills National Park is one of them. Margalla Hills National Pak positioned in the Top National Parks of Pakistan in light of its decent variety and territory.

The Park covers the zone of 17,386 hectares, situated in the lower regions of Himalaya. It is a standout amongst the most open National Parks of Pakistan on account of its area. Guests can visit the recreation center consistently and witness the one of a kind vertebrate’s Leopard feline and Chinkara gazelle.

In the interim Margalla National Park, you can likewise visit the renowned Pir Sohawa, Rawal Lake, and Shakarparian in Islamabad.

Ayubia National Park



Thought to be the most seasoned backwoods and best case of a Himalayan woodland, Ayubia National Park situated in Murree Hills. At first, the territories were of 1684 hacters. Later it was extended to 3312 ha in 1998.

The best to visit in Murree is the Ayubia National Park in light of its untamed life, wonderful atmosphere and common all-encompassing perspectives. The national parks claim a portion of the uncommon plants and creatures. Traveler and guests can do the trek, investigating the untamed life or gain superb experiences in the middle of the excursion point.

Also, tall pine trees give a sanctuary to the guest and tenant. Alongside the shade, the atmosphere stays gentle in sweltering summers as well. Yellow-throated marten and Masked civet are most uncommon species you will discover here.

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Deosai National Park

In the north of Pakistan, there lies a valley of monsters, Deosai. The huge fields of Deosai is a supernatural occurrence on earth. Also, in 1993 the Deosai National Park was established. The object was for the survival of Himalayan dim shaded bears and other characteristic life that was absolutely under risk.

It was a need of that hour that some measures ought to be taken for the survival of their duplication. So in 1993’s by the coordination of Pakistan government and WWF World Wildlife Foundation, attempted to save the untamed life.

In light of the amount of dull-hued bears e.g., 19 additions to 40 generally following 10 years.

Machiara National Park

Situated in the blue jewel of Pakistan that is Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. Essentially, the Machiara National Park is arranged in Muzaffarabad and associates with Neelum River and the valley. Houses various uncommon creatures and plants with the most lovely backgrounds. A portion of the outstanding warm-blooded creatures are,

  • Western Tragopan,
  • melanocephalus,
  •  Cheer Pheasants
  • Citrus Wallichi,
  •  White Cheeked-Tit Aegithalos
  •  Leucogeny’s,
  •  Brooke’s Leaf-Warbler.