Why Tourism Is Boosting In Pakistan?

In accordance with the newspaper, for the country, it was once known to be classic “overland” or “hippie trail” route to the Far East from Europe for western youth.  However, At that time it was not only supposed to best safe in Lahore and Peshawar but also considered to be best to spend some time in economical hotels.

To boost up the tourism industry of Pakistan, Several steps had been taken by the Government. In recent times, for foreign nationals visa-on-arrival facility started for 55 countries along with online visa for 190 countries. These were inaugurated by Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

According to the new policy by Government, China, Turkey, United kingdom, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates will be the first Five countries to get E-visa facility. At the Fee of 8$, the citizens of the above countries can apply via email for a Pakistani visa.

One of the some UK tour operators to provide Pakistan tours, WILD Frontiers, run by Jane Westwood, appreciated the efforts taken in Tourism Industry of Pakistan.

“It was complicated in Old visa system”, She said. “Before it normally took two weeks or more for the whole process after providing documents of both tour operators and travelers. Now it can only take a few days for the process. Along with this, it changed the price too cheap rates of £46 (60$) from £134 as well.”

Furthermore, New No Objection Certificate (NOC) system was also praised by Westwood. Under new policies, except some border areas, travelers can now visit every part of Pakistan without Special permission. Parts of Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral along with Kashmir are now open with this move.

Pakistan – The Most Welcoming Country For Tourists

Westwood said, “this is the most welcoming and most beautiful country.” furthermore added, “The mountainous landscape is astonishing and amazing for trekking. Along with this cities are fascinating too. Islamabad with wide boulevards, is green and leafy. Moreover, Lahore has museums, garden, Forts and much more, making it remarkable Old City. Then there comes the Kalasha Valleys, which has traditional lifestyle, festivals and dress for their unique pagan culture.”

For the past two or three years, she noted the increase in bookings for Pakistan tours. However, it proved by the official tourism statistics too.

Around 563,000 tourists were welcomed in Pakistan during 2015. The number increased in 2016 to 965,000. Furthermore it increased to 1.6 m and 1.9 m respectively in 2017 and 2018. In accordance with these increasing numbers in tourists, there is no doubt that Pakistan is going to become the next big thing for tourism.