Places To Visit In Northern Areas Of Pakistan 2024

Travelers from all around the world love to visit the northern areas of Pakistan. Govt. has lifted all the travel hurdles for visitors from all around the globe. As a result, in the summer of 2024, many wanderers worldwide traveled to the friendliness country blessed with the sacred landscape. During 2017 and 2018, the British Backpackers society listed the country with the best travel destinations in the world. Also, Forbes magazine listed Pakistan as the best travel destination in 2019. As the country is listed as the Best travel site, we have some of the most beautiful places to visit in northern Pakistan.

  • Naran Kaghan
  • Hunza Valley
  • Skardu Valley
  • Fairy Meadows
  • Naltar Valley

Naran Kaghan

On the top of the list of the best places in northern Pakistan, we have Naran Kaghan valley in the Himalayan Mountains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Naran valleys stay open for a few months to deliver marvelous views of nature. The valley remains closed during winter from October to April due to heavy snowfall in northern areas of Pakistan. The road towards the valley gets blocked due to avalanches from the mountains. However, among the local travelers, Naran valley is one of the most famous traveling places in northern areas of Pakistan. Every year, many visitors visit this site with their friends, families, and loved ones to capture the best memories.

The valley is surrounded by lush green mountains and deep alpine forests, impacting travelers about Himalayan valleys. In the valley of Naran, there is much more to discover, like the fairy tale Saif Ul Malook Lake, Hike towards the Ansoo Lake, Lulusar lake, The Queen Dudipatsar Lake, and lastly, Babusar Top (4,173 m). So plan for this summer’s 2024 and get on the journey to explore Naran valley, among other best places in northern Pakistan.

Top places of Naran Kaghan:

Lake Saif ul Malook 

Saif ul Malook Lake needs no introduction as it is one of the most famous lakes in Pakistan. The Saif ul Malook, 9 kilometers long and 50 feet deep, also rises 3,224 meters above the surface. It also captivates anyone with her captivating beauty. The jeep drive to the lake through winding roads makes the trip even more adventurous.

Babusar Top

In second place is Babusar Top, known for its cool breeze. Babusar Top is one of the main tourist attractions in Naran Kaghan. Here you can enjoy the hot coffee, cool breeze, and calm atmosphere.


Next came the rich green meadows of Lalazar. The plateau is covered with rare flora and fauna. Lalazar is 3123 meters above sea level. Even in the hot summer, the climate here is delightful.

Lulusar Lake 

The Naran Kaghan valley is full of lakes and waterfalls. Lake Lulusar is one of the beautiful lakes. Lulusar offers stunning views from an altitude of 3410 meters above sea level. No trip to Naran Kaahan is complete without a visit to the magnificent lake. A 48-kilometer jeep ride can reach the lake.


About 6 kilometers from Naran Valley, Kaghan’s famous picnic area is Shogran. The lush Sugarland meadows add even more awe to the hike. The tall mountains and pleasant climate cannot be described in words.

Siri Paye

Next on the list is Siri Paye, which is closer to Shogran. Equally a tranquil treat for couples away from the hustle and bustle of major cities. A lake called Siri Lake is also where visitors can ride horses.


Balakot became the gateway to the Valley of the Khans. It’s a tiny town where you can shop and eat delicious local food. In addition, Balakot offers stunning panoramic views, and it’s on the banks of the Kunhal River. Tourists love to “fish,” “boat,” and “raft” on the Kunhal River.

Malika Parbat

It is known as the “Queen of the Mountains” Marika Parbat. This is a popular stop for visitors to the Naran Kaghan Valley. Huge mountains can also be seen through Saif ul-Malook Lake. Few brave souls have climbed this mountain. The highest point of Malika Parbat is 5290 meters above sea level.

Ansu lake

Another famous lake in Khan Valley is Ansu Lake. Ansoo is an Urdu word that means “tears.” This is a teardrop-shaped lake found in the Khan Manor Valley. Due to the high altitude, the climate there is harsh. The lake completely freezes over in winter and is even more beautiful in summer. Summer is the best time to visit Ansu Lake, according to the weather updates of Ansu Lake.


Last but not least is the city of Jalkhad. Naran is less than a 3-hour drive from the city. Jharkhand provides a base camp area for the park. There is a small basin lake and green lawn for nature lovers to enjoy camping. Also, Jharkhand has an approximate altitude of 10,200 feet.

Hunza Valley

It lies in the mountains of Northern Pakistan, the gigantic and colorful Hunza Valley far in the Gilgit Baltistan region near the China border. Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the northern areas of Pakistan. Hunza valley has been offering its wanderers the history, culture, and colorful traditions for many years. Moreover, to historical and traditional expectations, Hunza valley is famous all around the globe among ravelers for its immense natural landscape that can strongly impact travelers’ minds. However, the valley has a lot more to discover.

Places To Visit In Hunza

Some of the best travel destinations in Hunza Valley are Ganesh Historical settlement, Baltit, Altit Fort, Attahbad Lake, Shimshal Valley, Passu cones and glacier, Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China Border), and much more.

Ganesh village is a historical Silk Route settlement around 1000 years old, supposed to be the First Silk Route settlement. Furthermore, Hunza valley is supposed to be the only destination in the world where one can witness the beauty of Four mighty Seven Thousanders peaks along with some famous peaks like Ladyfinger peak (Bublimating – 6000 m) and Hunza Peak (6,270 m).

In Hunza Valley, many beautiful trekking routes can take travelers to another world. Some of the most beautiful trekking routes are the Shimshal pass, Patundas trek, Batura Glacier trek, and many more.

So make sure this summer 2024 to travel to explore this fantastic place of Northern areas of Pakistan with your friends or someone special to have a wonderful time.

Rakaposhi View Point

First is Rakaposhi’s point of view. No matter where you are in Hunza, the massive Rakaposhi mountain can be seen from anywhere. In addition, the mountain is part of the Karakoram range, with an altitude of 7,788 meters. Rakaposhi means “shining wall.” The summit is surrounded by famous glaciers such as Barpu, Biro, Bagrot, and Pisan. Rakaposhi’s sunrises and sunsets are nothing short of a sight to behold.


In second place is Karimabad, the capital of Hunza province. The city is famous for its history as it was home to royalty. The city presents its oldest appearance with stone-built houses and streets. Some of Karimabad’s well-known attractions are Baltit Fort and Victoria Memorial Monument. In addition, Ultar Nala also falls in Karimabad.

Altit Fort 

Altit Fort is an ancient fort above Karimabad in the Hunza Valley. It was home to the hereditary rulers of Hunza, who received the title of Mir. Around 1100 years ago, Altit Fort was the residence of former princes. It is there now as a museum. Each fort is a masterpiece of architecture and craftsmanship. Refurbished by Agha Khan Culture Trust, the impressive design is a legacy for future generations. Altit Fort is not just a place but a legacy that has evolved.

Baltit Fort

Fort Baltit, another Hunza Valley fort, is a must-see. The fort’s foundations are said to be around 600 years old but have been rebuilt and altered over the centuries. The fairy-tale Baltit Fort above Karimabad is a Hunza landmark, built on giant legs with wooden windows overlooking the valley. Initially, it was used as the residence of Mers Hunza. Because of the opposition of the ruler’s two sons to the ruler, they were moved to a new place, Altit Fort.

Attabad lake 

Attabad Lake is one of the most amazing places in Hunza Valley. The crystal clear turquoise waters mesmerize anyone in the mighty Karakoram range. Impressive with its colors and charm in spring, it attracts many tourists every year. The lake is 13 miles long and approximately 358 feet deep. The lake has also been voted one of Pakistan’s best lakes due to its beauty.

Rush Lake 

Another wonder of the Nagar Valley in Hunza is Rush Lake. Also, Nagar is one of the most attractive valleys. Best of all, the mesmerizing colors of the Nagar Valley will never go unnoticed; nothing is more beautiful than simplicity. Rush Lake in Nagar Valley is an alpine lake with a surface elevation of nearly 4694 meters. Surrounded by huge mountains, the lake is considered the highest lake in Pakistan.

Sost Village

Sost is the last Hunza town on the border with China along the Karakoram Highway. The city is an essential point for all passenger and cargo traffic on the highway, as all traffic crossing the Pakistan-China border passes through the town. Along with the Khunjerab pass is the high mountain pass of the Karakoram range. In addition, the Khunjerab Trail also includes a national park where the rare snow leopard lives. It is an excellent symbol of friendship in Pakistan.

Skardu Valley

Here we go with the Gateway to the Karakorum mountain range on this list. Skardu valley lies in the Karakorum Range of Gilgit Baltistan in northern Pakistan. Being my favorite destination in the mountainous region of Pakistan, Skardu valley offers a lot to the wanderers that one can never expect and ever forget after visiting such places in northern areas of Pakistan. The road leading towards Skardu valley is supposed to be the world’s Eight wonders, as the way offers some breathtaking views and the danger of enormous landslides every time it receives rain. The valley has a rich culture and history with beautiful traditions. Likewise, culture and traditions are similar to Tibet. However, Skardu is the Baltistan in the Gilgit Baltistan region known as Little Tibet.

Best Places To Visit In Skardu

Skardu valley has a lot to offer for travelers to wander in the mountains to explore, as many places have not been visited. From the mighty mountains to the world’s highest desert, Skardu has everything for its lovers. Some of the best places to visit in Skardu valley are:

  • Shangrila (Lower Kachura) Lake
  • Upper Kachura Lake
  • Kharpocho Fort
  • Katpana Cold desert and Lake
  • Shiger Cold Desert
  • Shiger Valley and Fort
  • Khaplu Valley and Palace
  • Chaqchan Mosque
  • Deosai National Park

However, as the Skardu valley is Gateway to Karakorum Mountains, it has many of the world’s most beautiful and astonishing trekking routes. Snow Lake (Lukpe Lawo), K2 Base Camp (Concordia), the Banak La, and many more are the most amazing. Furthermore, Skardu hosts the K2 (8,611 m), the second-highest peak of the world, Broad elevation (8,047 m), Gasherbrum 1 (8,080 m), Gasherbrum 2 (8,035 m), and many more mighty and famous mountains. With all these rugged peaks in Skardu, it becomes the dream for the mountaineers to conquer. Thousands of mountaineers visit Pakistan yearly to try climbing these rugged peaks in Skardu valley. So make sure to journey in this place to visit northern areas of Pakistan this summer.

Fairy Meadows

Name given to the heavenly beauty in this piece of land, Fairy meadows lie in the Far Himalayan mountains of Gilgit Baltistan in the northern areas of Pakistan. The destination is famous because of the dark alpine forest, lush green meadows in the center, and the tremendous mighty Nanga Parbat peak (8,126 m) at the front, making this one of the best places to visit in northern areas of Pakistan.

Nanga Parbat is known as The Killer Mountain, with the name listed as the Second in the Highest peak in Pakistan. On the other hand, the height is the Ninth Largest in the world. In the Fairy meadows, one can explore some beautiful regions by trekking towards Biyal Camp and the Base camp of Nanga Parbat.

Furthermore, Biyal Camp is known to be the first camp of Killer Mountain. To reach this Fairyland of Pakistan, one has to take the adventurous Jeep ride on the world’s most Dangerous Jeep track and then trek for around 3 hours through dense woods. The destinations get close during winter because of the heavy snowfall making it challenging to live there. This summer, put this destination on your travel list among other best places to visit in northern areas of Pakistan.

Naltar Valley

Lastly, we got a Ski resort, Naltar valley, in the Gilgit Baltistan of Northern Pakistan. The valley is full of lush greenery all around, with astonishing views. One can visit this destination by taxiing from Normal village for about 45 minutes. However, the weather remains cold in Naltar valley, with an elevation of 9,700 ft. It offers some beautiful destinations for travelers to visit. Some of the best to explore are Naltar lake 1 (Satrangi), Pari lake, Blue Lake, and much more. In summer, a vast number of travelers come to visit such destinations to record in their memory. Furthermore, travelers enjoy the International Ski Festival in the valley in winter. Get this great destiny on your list of travel for summer 2024.

Final Thoughts

These were some of northern Pakistan’s most famous and best travel destinations that travelers should visit this summer of 2024. So set your backpack ready for 2024 and journey towards these unique destinations of astonishing Landscapes in northern Pakistan.