10 Famous Food Courts in Lahore That Served Mouthwatering Food

Besides talking about the historical significance of Lahore, Lahore has a great relationship with food culture. Every eatery is mouthwatering here, prepared traditionally. The Lahore Tour is incomplete if you won’t try the local cuisine. A perfect blend of mixed spice with meat is typical of Lahori’s food culture and not suitable for the vegetarian fellow.

Moreover, it isn’t wrong to say that Lahore is a food paradise for the tourist and natives likewise. We have created a list of top Restaurants in Lahore that are perfect for dining in.

Apart from dining in the town, the roadside food has its unique fun and taste. Check out the list first.

List of Some of the Famous Restaurants in Lahore

Cooco’s Den

Cooco's Den

Restaurants in Lahore: Cooco’s Den

First and the Foremost is the Cooco’s Den, popular for its traditional eateries. Apart from cuisine, the ambiance, setting, and rooftop environment add more delight to your food. Additionally, their top eatery includes ‘Tawa chicken’ dish, BBQ platters, parathas, and curries. Moreover, Coco’s Den offers amazing food with panoramic views of the Badshahi Mosque that all lit up in the night.


Restaurants in Lahore: Andaaz

Restaurants in Lahore: Andaaz

Second on the list is the Andaaz Restaurant, the setting of the restaurant is almost the same as the famous Cooco’s Den. If you are a seafood lover then order Jhinga Karahi, the most loveable in all food items of Andaaz. However, the restaurant also serves amazing traditional Lahori food.

Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan Restaurant

Bundu Khan Restaurant

Next on the list is the Bundu Khan Restaurant, the well-known chain of restaurants that provides mouthwatering food. The place is best for the mutton lover. Furthermore, each eatery is unique in taste. Whether it’s a Hi-Tea or a fine dinner, you will have the most amazing food in Bundu Khan.

Bashir Dar ul Mahi

Restaurants in Lahore: Bashir Dar Ul Mahi Restaurant

Restaurants in Lahore: Bashir Dar Ul Mahi Restaurant

One of the restaurants that served delicious fish is Bashir Dar Ul Mahi restaurant. In other words, the best place to eat fish is Bashir Dar Ul Mahi restaurant.  Especially in winters, there is a lineup of customers to eat all-time favorite Machee. Macheey ho to achee!! Is famous in Lahore.

Bhiaya Kebab

Restaurants in Lahore: Bhiaya kebab

Restaurants in Lahore: Bhiaya kebab

If you are looking for the best kebab in Lahore then the Bhiaya kebab shop is here to serve delicious, soft, and juicy kebab. Above all, there is a list of Kebabs, Shami Kebabs, seekh Kebabs, Chapli Kebabs each item is mouthwatering.

Mohammadi Nihari

Restaurants in Lahore: Muhammadi Nihari House

Restaurants in Lahore: Muhammadi Nihari House

Next is this Nihari Place. The food of Lahore is incomplete without tasting the Nihari. The best place to relish the original flavor of Famous Nihari is Muhammadi Nihari at Mozang.


Restaurants in Lahore: Fujiyama

Restaurants in Lahore: Fujiyama

A lavish dining experience to cater to the appetite of Sushi Lovers. The supreme point for Sushi lovers is Fujiyama. Additionally, other delicious delicate are crunchy maki, garlic rice, and chicken teriyaki.

Cafe Aylanto

Café Aylanto

Restaurants in Lahore: Café Aylanto

One of the preferable places for dining is Café Aylanto because of its mouthwatering food, eye-catching ambiance, and attentive service. Apart from the main course that is classic Moroccan chicken, each item is delicious. The must-try restaurant in Lahore.


Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant

Yum !!!!

Restaurants in Lahore: Yum !!!!

So far the supreme quality Chinese and Thai Restaurant in Lahore is Yum. Their diverse menu and comfortable ambiance keep everyone happy. However, Thai cuisine along with soup is preferable for all the customers.

Hot & Spicy

Hot n Spicy

Restaurants in Lahore: Hot n Spicy


Last but not least is the Hot and Spicy restaurant that is best for evening time or fill your past midnight appetite. Roll Partha, fires with Gol gappy all are of their favorite items.

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