10 Travel Movies Watched On Netflix

These days, we encourage you to stay refreshed and make sure you travel safely. We said, why not enjoy Netflix and Chill time, and enjoy movies that can help you travel the world… at home? Here are 10 travel and travel movies available to watch on Netflix, so you should prepare your TV with the top rated tv mounting service to setup everything.

We are big movie fans, it is difficult to pick only ten. There are many great cities in Europe to explore, but we also want to immerse ourselves in other continents. This is why we have also added good places in the United States and Asia.

Don’t worry, there will be no spoiler alerts. Have fun!

Let’s Talk About America First

Into The Wild-Alaska, USA

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: Into the Wild

Sometimes the journey is the destination, and the best movie to start our digital exploration is “Survival in the Wild” in Alaska. It is based on a true story and a book and invites all of us to explore the feeling of living in nature…and follow our dreams.

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Wild-Pacific Crest Trail, Northwest, USA

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movie: Wild

What would you do if you found yourself at a crossroads? What do you do when you need to deal with life events? This is what Sheryl Strayed or Reese Witherspoon showed us when she decided to embark on a lifelong adventure in the wild on the Pacific Ridge Trail.

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Who Doesn’t Love Europe?

Under the Tuscan Sun-Tuscany, Italy

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: Under The Tuscany Sun

Some people like adventure, some people like romance, and some people like new trips, but we still can’t help but watch classics. Under the Tuscan sun is a great opportunity to reflect on the opportunities that life offers and the luck of our lives today.

Watch Under the Tuscan Sun Trailer Here


Amelie-Paris, France

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: Amelie

The motto of this movie is “You will change your life”, which applies to plots and French movies. If you want to expand your horizons while enjoying every frame, this movie offers some of the best locations in Paris.

Watch AmelieTrailer here 


P.S. I love you-Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: P.S I Love You

If you are looking for a more serious movie, this romantic drama will bring these fabrics closer. It has some comedies here and there, but it will make you appreciate life and what you have. Starring Hilary Swank, this is a great opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Europe.

Watch P.S. I Love You Trailer Here


Vicky Cristina Barcelona-Barcelona, ​​Spain

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

In the summer, friends travel to Barcelona, ​​art, wine and food join the party, as well as lovers, ex-lover and wives. This is an interesting movie, and it will let you understand why Woody Allen’s work won an Oscar for it.

Watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona Trailer here


The Secret Life of Walter Mitte-Greenland, Iceland


Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty


For those who want to satisfy your thirst for adventure and are full of stimulating moments to pack your bags, the secret life of Walter Mitty in Greenland, Iceland is absolutely a must.

Watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer here

Without Discovering Asia, Your Research Is Incomplete

Lost in Translation-Tokyo, Japan

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: Lost In Translation

The best movies are those that can cause a sensation, take you out of your comfort zone, and push you to pursue life. The classic repertoires of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson let us discover a beautiful city and remind us to care about other travelers.

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Best Exotic Marigold Hotel -Jaipur, India

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

There are not many movies that can play all the senses, but this is one of them. By meeting with the characters, you will find that you have fallen in love with the city. It has that relaxed and whimsical charm, very suitable for turbulent times.

Watch Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Trailer Here

Eat Pray Love-Bali, Indonesia

Travel Movies you should watch now

Travel Movies: Eat Pray Love

If you are looking for a personal journey of discovery, where someone learns important life lessons from A to B, then food, prayer, and love are the best choices. This film depicts the Hollywood girlfriend Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts) travelling the world and finally falling in love with Bali, Indonesia.

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