Akcent Supports The “Unmatchable Beauty” Of Hunza, Everything Can Be: “Paradise On Earth”


Akcent went to Hunza on holiday to prove that Pakistan is “safe and beautiful

The Romanian singer announced on Twitter. Romanian singer Adrian Sena, better known as Akcent, recently revealed on Twitter that he will spend his vacation in Hunza, where he shared his desire to promote a positive image of Pakistan.

The singer shared a short video of himself in which he can be heard saying: “Hello, I am Aksent. I am glad to see you again in Pakistan.” He wrote on Twitter: “This time I decided to spend some holidays in Hunza, Pakistan, to show the world that Pakistan is a beautiful and safe country.


Earlier, after the cancellation of the cricket tour in England and New Zealand, Sina came forward to defend Pakistan. He expressed his love for Pakistan on social media, where he has participated in several concerts in the past. The musician wrote: “I have been to Pakistan many times and always feel at home. Moreover, I feel safe there and the love I get from Pakistan is amazing. Also, I will come back often. I love my fans, Pakistan Zindabad!”

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Earlier this year, someone saw the singer wearing a kurta suit at a music festival in Europe. In a Facebook post, Sina confirmed that Kurta is from Pakistan, as fans guessing. In Europe’s YouTube music events, using the beautiful Pakistani Kurta to lead the new trend, Sina said that her wearing Pakistani thobe is an elegant expression, not just a tribute to Pakistan. I just want to identify a new fashion trend.


Akcent’s Trip To Hunza


The musician who announced last month that he will visit the northern areas of Pakistan has officially landed in Hunza to begin his journey.


On his Instagram on Wednesday, popular producer That My Name shared a photo of him breathing freely in the fresh air, calling the experience “magical.”

In an earlier video, the singer walked across a bridge in the city to give fans a sneak peek.


“Heaven on earth,” Senna wrote beside the post. Fans can also see the singer cheering in the clip.

Lahore Wedding Blown Away After Akcent Live Performance 


This is Akcent covering the first wedding in Pakistan. This is a dance that speaks at a wedding. Adrian Sina, the lead singer of the Romanian band Akcent, has expressed his love for Pakistan time and time again. From sports to the promise of promoting tourism, every time Adrian makes a statement on social media, fans here always look forward to something exciting.

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Last month, the singer stated that he would visit Hunza soon to show the world that “Pakistan is a beautiful and safe country.” When Aisha Omar expressed her excitement about this possibility in the comment section. Furthermore, Adrian stated that he would schedule a meeting with Aisha in December and hinted at a “great cooperation.”


And now Adrian’s latest video has confirmed that he is indeed in Pakistan! He also held his first wedding show in Lahore as a gift to his fans.

“I performed for the first time at a beautiful wedding in Lahore, Pakistan,” Adrian wrote. However, the video shows the bride and her guests moving along with his hit songs.


We are looking forward to more from Akcent Trip To Pakistan.