If you have ever visited or plan to visit the northern part of Pakistan, you may have heard of this famous place called Skardu. The Skardu Valley is located in the northern part of Pakistan, surrounded by the Hindu Kush and Karakoram Mountains of the Himalayas. Interestingly, this beautiful city is located in the area of ​​Pakistan called Gilgit-Baltistan. This area is part of the northern part of Pakistan bordering India, China and Afghanistan. To the north of the area is another famous valley called the Hunza Valley, and to the west is the majestic Fairy Meadows.

However, Skardu is the most important city in the region because of its beautiful and charming mountains. For those who like to spend time near lakes, valleys, powerful forts and cool desserts, Skardu is the perfect tourist destination.

In addition, this beautiful city is famous for its huge mountains. K2, the second-highest peak in the world, is located in this beautiful city, attracting climbers from all over the world to Skardu. Stunning scenery, breathtaking fortresses, beautiful culture, urban traditions and generosity of residents make this valley a worthy tourist destination in Pakistan.

Autumn Tourist Destinations In Skardu

If you plan to visit Skardu, please continue reading this article and we will share the top 10 places in Skardu that everyone must-see when visiting Skardu.

So, let us begin to explore the following autumn places in Skardu one by one:

Khaplu Valley in Autumn

Another scenic spot on our list is the Khaplu Valley near the town of Skardu. On the way to this enchanting scenic valley, you will see sights worth seeing. The path leading to the valley is shaded by tourists with beautiful trees along the way. After driving on winding roads for a few hours, you will reach this beautiful valley. The panoramic view of this place is absolutely pleasing to the eye. Travelling in a jeep to this valley makes the trip more interesting and interesting.

This ancient valley is located at the bottom of the majestic Karakoram Mountains, which was the center of the ancient Yabgu Dynasty. In addition, here you will see a fortress that has been converted into a museum, showing the culture and traditions of this ancient place to attract tourists. There is also a very old mosque here called Chaqchan Mosque, which is considered to be one of the oldest mosques in northern Pakistan.

Lake Upper Kachura in Autumn

Skardu is blessed with many amazing and hypnotic lakes. The upper and lower lakes of Kachura are some of these wonderful lakes. The dense green jungle surrounds this beautiful valley and the huge mountains of the Himalayas. The tranquility of this place will provide you with an extraordinary experience of peace and solace. You can enjoy boating, rafting and clear freshwater here. In addition, you can also enjoy delicious trout during your stay in Lake Kachura.

In addition, you will find Lower Kachura Lake in the gorgeous Shangri-La Resort. Here you can stroll in the verdant garden, taste delicious organic cider, or stay in the beautiful Shangri-La Resort Hotel.

Lake Katpana and Desert in Autumn

Lake Katpana and wilderness are one of the most beautiful sights in Skardu. Between the Himalayas and Karakoram, there are equally surprising sand dunes. These magnificent sand dunes are close to the Indus River, which covers the desert in central Skardu, known as the Katpana Desert and the Shigar Desert. Due to the cold climate and desert environment, these hypnotic dunes are also called cold deserts.

In addition to the desert, there is also a beautiful small lake called Katpana Lake. The tranquillity and beauty here also attract tourists. This stunning lake features fresh and clear water, lush green pastures and the Karakoram Mountains in the background, adding beauty to this magical place.

Desai National Park in Autumn

Deosai National Park is the most famous tourist attraction in Skardu. This place is commonly known as the roof of the world. These huge heights are the second-highest in the world, at 13,497 feet above sea level. Due to the very cold winter, this national park can only be visited in autumn. A jeep ride from Skardu usually takes up to two hours to reach the park.

In addition, you need to purchase tickets to enter the park. You will meet and see many brown bears in the Himalayas there. The Deosai Plain has emerald green meadows, clear lakes and magnificent mountain peaks. It’s fascinating scenery, amazing spring flora and fauna, and unique wildlife make this place famous all over the world. Some tourists come to Skardu, especially to visit Deosai National Park.

Satpara Lake in autumn

At 8,650 feet above sea level, Skardu has another beautiful lake called Satpara Lake. You can reach this wonderful lake 2.5 kilometres from the city of Skardu. In the middle of the lake, there is a picturesque island that adds more beauty to this magical place. In addition to its beauty, this lake is also one of Pakistan’s largest freshwater resources. This lake is the main source of drinking water and electricity for Skardu City. In addition, hundreds of tourists come to visit this wonderful blue-green lake and enjoy boating, kayaking and fishing in the clear and freshwater.

Shigar Valley and Shigar Fort in autumn

The other must-visit places in Skardu are Shigar Valley. The beautiful Shigar Valley is located near the Shigar River, a 1-hour drive northeast of Skardu. You must cross a scenic road to reach the charming village of Sigel. On your way, you will see many local architectural treasures, such as the ancient wooden chanque Mosque and Shigar Fort. You will also get a glimpse of the traditional Balti village life in the area.

Culture, history, ancient traditions, cool sandy beaches, blind lakes and beautiful fortresses make this valley an attractive place for tourists. Shigar Fort is one of the most famous historical monuments in this valley. This extraordinary building was built in the 17th century. This historic fortress is also known as the Rocky Land and was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Award. Currently, the fortress is used as a guest house, with 20 service rooms, and a hall to showcase Baltic culture to tourists.

Shangri-La Lake in autumn

Another beautiful spot on the list of tourist attractions in Skardu is Shangri-La Lake. Shangri-La Lake, also known as Upper Kachura Lake, is about 32 kilometers or 20 miles from the main city of Skardu. You can easily reach this sparkling lake in a 2-hour jeep drive.

The appearance of various colorful flowers in spring adds more beauty to the scenery here. In addition, you can taste delicious apricots, apples and peaches freshly picked from nearby trees. In addition, to experience a comfortable and luxurious place, you can also stay in the luxurious Shangri-La Resort Hotel here. Here, you will also witness the unique diversity of flora and fauna.

Final words

In addition, you will find a very old mosque in the fort, which was built in the early 16th century when Islam was introduced to the area. This epic fortress in Skardu is a seven-story building that has become a major tourist attraction due to its history, art and architecture.

We highly recommend you to visit Skardu once in autumn for an amazing experience. Autumn in Skardu starts in Mid-September to end of the October. We hope to see you soon in Skardu.