Construction Of The Hoshab-Awaran Highway Has Begun

Construction works on the Hoshab-Awaran highway are in progress. The retired chairman of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Lieutenant General Asim Salim Bajwa (Asim Salim Bajwa) said that the development of roads in Balochistan is the government’s primary priority in improving the connection between Gwadar Port and other regions

The head of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Administration posted a photo and a map of the road under construction on Twitter on Tuesday. He said that the Brazilian Basima-Khuzdar highway project has made 60% progress and the construction has begun.

Construction works on Hoshab Awaran Highway.


Moreover, 146-kilometer Hoshab Awaran project is part of the basic route of the corridor that connects Gwadar Port with Sindh.

The director of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority stated that the Basima-Khuzdar highway project was 60% completed.

The project is expected to be completed within three years and the estimated cost is Rs 20 crore.

Similarly, the 106-kilometer Basima-Khuzdar Expressway (N-30) is expected to be completed by the end of this year, at an estimated cost of 11.47 million rupees.

When talking about the roads that have been built so far within the framework of the CPEC project. An official of the Channel Administration said that the road is 449 kilometers long. Also, the Hoshab-Surab Road (N-85) has been completed and put into operation. And they work at 235 kilometers. . The Surab-Quetta Highway (N-25) has also been completed and put into operation.

In addition, the official added that the 250-kilometer Gwadar-Khosab (M-8) highway and the Gawadar -Hosab (M-8) highway have been completed and put into operation.