Greece Will Welcome Vaccinated Tourists Next Week

The Greek government said on Thursday that Greece plans to open its borders to intensified tourists from various countries starting next week. As the country seeks to restore its severely damaged tourism industry.

The plan is part of a pilot project that allows people with so-called vaccine passports to enter the country. So far, only Israeli tourists have been exceptions.

According to the initiative, travelers will able to avoid the current seven-day quarantine for travelers.

The European Union has stated that although the plan has not yet been formally confirmed. It hopes to obtain passports for vaccinations for travelers.

This epidemic has destroyed the tourism industry of the entire African continent. Including Greece, and many countries have closed their borders for unnecessary travel.

Before Greece plans to resume tourism in mid-May, the Greek passport will test.

Greece Will Welcome Vaccinated Tourists Next Week

Government spokesman Aristotelia Peloni told reporters: “This is a pilot inauguration.”

He said: “These tourists have a vaccination certificate or a polymerase chain reaction test.”

Peloni said the plan is open to “European countries and some other countries”, but did not disclose details.

Details of Vaccination and Travelling

The Ministry of Tourism did not respond to AFP’s request for details of the project.

The initiative is said to open to EU countries and countries that have received vaccinations. (such as the United Kingdom, Israel, and Serbia).

Peloni said that travelers will subject to the same movement restrictions as Greek residents. He said this includes restricted travel between areas.

Currently, Greece has 2,000 to 4,000 new coronavirus infections every day. Which is more than the number of infections when the last restriction in November.

The retail store has reopened on April 5, but it is expected that the restaurant will not resume operations until early May.

Peloni said Thursday that the full launch of the tourist season scheduled for May 14 will depend on the course of the pandemic.

The vaccination campaign in Greece has accelerated in recent weeks, with nearly 1.5 million of the approximately 11 million receiving at least one dose.