An official from the Aviation Department of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Parliamentary Committee (CPEC) said on Thursday that Gwadar International Airport will be operational in September 2024.

Gwadar International Airport Is Soon To Be Operational

Hassan Nasser Jami, the Secretary of the Aviation Department, attended the meeting on behalf of his department. He told the committee that progress at Gwadar Airport was on the right track and assured them that the project would meet the deadline set for September 2024.

When Sher Ali Arbab was the chairman of the committee. Also, emphasized that Gwadar is the gateway to the corridor. Which is undoubted of great significance in the whole logic behind this multi-million dollar project.

Gwadar International Airport Opertional In Sept 2024

Gwadar International Airport Operational In Sept 2024

“We must put it first, so we should spare no effort to solve all the drinking water, electricity, infrastructure, and living problems facing the people of Gwadar.

At the briefing, Gwadar Port Authority Chairman Nasser Khan Kashani stated that he is working hard to complete the construction of the Pakistan Vocational and Technical Institute (PCTVI) in time by December 2021.

He said that the authorities also collaborated with NAVTTC, Tevta, and China to design comprehensive courses for the institute.

The director of the Gwadar Port Authority has been informed. That current and future skills must be taken into consideration when formulating the curriculum.

The head of the committee said. “The College’s curriculum must be designed so that there is no gap between the required skills. Plus, the skills presented by the college”.

Gwadar International Airport Opertional In Sept 2024

Gwadar International Airport Opertional In Sept 2024

The committee also ordered the relevant departments to expedite payment to the affected people. Their houses were damaged during the land acquisition in Gwadar.

In addition, the meeting also received information from the Director of the Department of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives. The Director of the Department of Maritime Affairs, the Chairman of WAPDA. The Director-General, the Gwadar Development Agency, and other relevant officials.