How to Create the Perfect Itinerary In Pakistan?

Have you noticed that someone is taking the most difficult journey in the park, which looks like an interesting outing? We bet that nine out of ten of these travellers will create a near-perfect itinerary before they start packing.

Modern itinerary creation tools, from websites to mobile applications. Enable travellers to create colourful flight schedules and share their travel plans with their loved ones.

So, what is the secret to creating great tracks? After reaching a strong airline agreement, arranging car rentals, and even letting go. You can use less obvious but equally important strategies to create a smooth flight.

If you are considering visiting Pakistan for the first time and want its itinerary to remain competitive with other countries, then we are here for you. I recently spent 10 days in northern Pakistan, which brought me an adventure in life. If you plan to visit Pakistan for the first time, these are the highlights that you should not miss.

Why should you travel to Pakistan? 

For various reasons, Pakistan is one of the most underrated tourist destinations. Pakistan is not without problems. Since its establishment in 1947, it has been known for its complex and complicated history. For this reason, I personally recommend that you take a guided tour on your first visit like See Pakistan Tours. Although based on different local experience, there is no reason not to encourage especially solo female tours.

For the sake of clarity, travelling alone (especially women) in places like Bali or Bangkok is completely different from travelling alone in Pakistan. If you are new to solo travel. I suggest you gain experience in the country/region where the tourist lives. Indeed you can use a more complex approach to travel and foreign tourists.

Since I have never travelled to Pakistan alone as a woman, I recommend reading this articles by See Pakistan Tours for more information and clear information, because she has a detailed literature introduction on the subject (and the report on Pakistan is so amazing) All right!)

Islamabad- The Second Most Beutiful Capital in World

This trip is a 10-day trip to Pakistan starting from Islamabad. This tour was developed by our tour guide Atta (you can email him here), who works full-time as a tour guide in North Pakistan (more on Atta later).

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, but it is not even close to the largest city. Pakistan has 213 million people and Islamabad has only 1 million. This makes the city a good place to stop and learn about the country. I recommend spending at least a whole day exploring Islamabad, although there is no harm in having two people take advantage of jet lag at the same time.

Start your day with one of the best coffees in Islamabad, which can be found at Mocca Cafe in Kohsar Market. While you are there, be sure to shop around and start your local shopping experience. I suggest you take this opportunity to buy one or two scarves because you need to wear a scarf when entering the mosque. Usually, in some situations where you need to cover it, it is best to have one on hand. As a sign of respect for local culture.

To buy beautiful parchment paper (actually from Nepal), head to the Maharaja handicrafts at Madrasa Road F6 market. For Afghan handicrafts and antiques, please go to several shops near the maharaja on Aga Khan Road near the flower shop.

If you want to be unforgettable with Pakistani culture, architecture and luxurious interiors in what is considered to be the most beautiful hotel in Islamabad, please log in to Serena Hotel. The hotel has all the privileges you might need. Including an outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and a large restaurant offering a buffet breakfast.


An important note about this itinerary: it all depends on the first flight from Islamabad to Skardu,.Unfortunately, due to the entrance to the Skardu Mountains, the flight will be cancelled a lot. If your flight is cancelled and you are travelling, other arrangements will be arranged for you. If you are travelling alone, I suggest you have a few days of flexibility in case you cancel your trip. As there is only one trip per day and it depends entirely on the weather.

Unfortunately, our journey only started in this way: the trip to Skardu was cancelled, resulting in 12 hours of driving in that direction and prompting us to change the journey. With optimism, you will not encounter the same thing, so we will share the itinerary as originally planned. Because we are still visiting all these places-only in the opposite direction and the time spent on the bus Longer.

On the way to Skardu, please be sure to request a seat on the left side of the plane to get the best photo opportunity. When you enter the northern mountains, you will not regret it!

Upon arrival, make sure to stock up dried apricots, walnuts and almonds during the long journey in the next few days. Due to the remote areas of these towns, sometimes we don’t eat for 12 hours a day, so you’d better be prepared!

Shigar Fort

A two-hour drive from Skardu, you will arrive at Shigar Fort, the most beautiful hotel in northern Pakistan with an ancient fort. This experience is so real and original-almost so real that you feel like you have entered the movie scene because they are so beautiful. The city itself is also very suitable for wandering around in the hustle and bustle during the day. Or you can spend an afternoon relaxing time after a long aeroplane and bus ride to stretch your legs.

If you can be sure of your lucky time, there may be a local polo match nearby. Ask your guide or locals for the latest news-this is a popular sport in Gilgit-Baltistan, known as the “Game of Kings”.

Khaplu Palace

It only takes three hours to drive to Khaplu Palace. But this is one of the most beautiful accommodations in Pakistan and the highlight of the trip. If you have time to spend more than one night. It is best to enjoy this accommodation at a slower rate. Be sure to use the guided tour of the palace. Because there is a lot to learn about the history of the palace and its surroundings.

Royal afternoon tea is an experience not to be missed. It can be enjoyed on the balcony overlooking the palace grounds and unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains. If you ask politely, the hotel staff may also allow you to explore the roof of the palace, which offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Khaplu.

If you feel energetic and adventurous, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama at Thoqsikhar, two hours away from the palace. Ask the hotel to pack a picnic lunch, or start your journey on a sunny morning, and then return to the palace for a relaxing lunch in the garden.

If you have time on the day of check-out, consider stopping in Bara, a small town only 20 minutes away from Khaplu, and heading to your next destination: Gilgit. Here, you will find a wool textile centre that trains and supports local women. This is also a good place to buy your local Baltistani Tobi.


There is a long-distance from Khaplu to Gilgit, so if you want to see Gilgit before dark. or even stroll to the canal above the city and enjoy the view of the valley below, you must be on time go away. The monument to the Mughal Dynasty and the rock carvings of the Karga Buddha began in the seventh century. During our stay in Gilgit, we stayed in Serena and began to realize how much I admire these beautiful hotels all over Pakistan! They are very enthusiastic and feel like they are going home. The buffet-style breakfast is a highlight in terms of interior decoration, always focusing on the local area and paying tribute to the people of Central Asia.

Karimabad, Hunza

If you want to stay in any place for a few days, I strongly recommend that you settle in the Hunza Valley for a few days. Hunza is known for its charm, cleanliness and literacy rate of 995, and is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful tourist cities in northern Pakistan.

If you feel hungry, you can start your day at Cafe de Hunza, taste a cup of famous nut cake topped with an iced coffee latte (actually a smoothie for Westerners), after days and days of Instant coffee, you will feel refreshed!

Hunza has many cities to explore, but in a limited time, we came to Gulmit (one of the highlights of Hunza Valley). There are many women’s initiatives here. And this is one of the few cities where we see women on the street. To support the local community. You can buy some exquisite goods as souvenirs or take-home gifts, including creams, oils, apricots, gems, wool shawls and carpentry. On the street, you will find many artisans and shop owners willing to help (many of them speak fluent English) and have never had difficulty buying things during the entire Pakistan.

Wandering in Northern Pakistan Itinerary

Not far from Hunza, I strongly recommend you to visit Attabad Lake. The lake emerged after a landslide called the Attabad disaster killed 20 people. The lake collects icy silt from the surrounding mountains and forms a royal blue colour in spring and summer. In addition, this broken bridge is called ““The Indiana Jones Bridge”, although it has never appeared in the movie, it is similar. Totally worth a visit, but not for the faint-hearted!

Karakoram Highway

The Karakoram Highway is considered to be one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century. It connects Pakistan and China and is one of the landmarks in northeastern Pakistan. The whole journey is 805 miles long, but you don’t need to drive all the way to experience some epic scenery. These sceneries will take you through chilling turns, rolling mountains and many small villages, the locals will follow the flow as you pass.

Fairy Meadows

If adventure travel is your best option, and you are ready for a road trip, don’t miss the opportunity to jump in a jeep. Follow the steep cliffs to the fairy meadow. After an hour’s drive to the end of the trail, you only need to walk 1.5 to 2 hours to reach Fairy Meadows camp. Which is a popular stop on the way to Nanga Parbat base camp.

If you have time, you can consider hiking to base camp the next morning. According to the guide, this is a basic camping camp and requires an extra 10-12 hours of walking. The Swiss-style chalets at Fairy Meadows are beautiful and full of hot water and electricity! This is a beautiful place in the world where you can get up and enjoy the fresh mountain air, so if you have time by your side, you may wish to stay another night. 

For raoming around the counrty you probably need these tips and hacks:

Communication is the key

Add a link to your itinerary, if you book a direct flight, it may make a lot of mistakes. Communication means more planes and more opportunities for delays. These connections also mean that your suitcase moves and deforms, which increases the chance of losing or damaging your belongings. God forbids you to call, and your luggage doesn’t hit, and vice versa.

The connection will also interrupt your sleep. If you are the kind of person who needs sleep assistance during transportation. Then you know that there is nothing more painful than getting out of the plane from the dreams brought about by two TV shows. Go to a new gate at the airport and carry each other. The promotion process.

If contact cannot be avoided, make sure not to cut too much. It takes at least two hours to change planes (a long time to make international calls) to prevent flight delays.

Useful websites and apps

Various websites and applications make it easy to create itineraries and to share these itineraries with thousands of tech-savvy travellers. Here are some of our favourites: allows users to create complex routes online and email them to themselves or with friends and family. The site will automatically insert a lot of useful information in the itinerary, including maps, directions and weather. TripIt is free. But you can purchase additional benefits, such as mobile phone service, if you change or cancel your flight, it will charge an annual fee. is a similar service that can help you organize your trip. Submit air tickets, cars, hotels and other confirmation letters, and the website will make arrangements according to a neat schedule. You can share your itinerary with friends and add restaurants, shops or other related attractions. is not about organizing trips, but about helping you complete trips. Enter the starting point, desired destination and ending point. The site will provide suggestions on how to navigate possible locations and activities in each city on the list. For each tourist attraction, you will see information such as opening hours, ticket prices, and estimated visit time. You can view the thought paths of other users.

Final Words

Your itinerary is not a legally binding contract. This is more like a draft written in sand. Things will go wrong. The restaurant will be closed. The bus will be delayed. Animals will attack.

Consider choosing a day off during your trip. During the journey, you may find some valuable sights that you did not know before you set off. This will also give you some leeway if you can’t see all the content originally planned.

Generally, the more flexible the flight path is, the better. 

If you know the bumps on the road, you can avoid them. If you are really lucky, you can combine them to get the perfect itinerary.

However, the ability to design efficient and seamless itineraries not only requires fancy, but a well-designed travel plan is an essential part of any successful tour. See Pakistan Tours have encourages you to pay one visit to Northern Pakistan, an unforgettable experience is on your way.