Reach Skardu is not difficult anymore, you can reach Skardu by air or by road easily.

By Air, it takes hours to reach Skardu while by road you will need 2 or 3 days. It totally depends on what route you choose. Plus the weather condition.

Skardu By Air:

Skardu is connected to Islamabad through Pakistan International Airlines. 

PIA operates regular flights from Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. 

Additionally, it takes approximately 1 hour to reach Skardu from Islamabad and Lahore while 2 hours 10 minutes from Karachi. 

How To Reach Skardu?

Moreover, business trips are regular. However, this is only possible on a clear day.

Skardu By Road:

Skardu can be reached by road from Islamabad via four routes:

  1. First is: Islamabad> Mansehra> Basham> Dasoo> Chilas> Jaglot> Skardu
  2. On second: Islamabad> Mansehra> Basham> Dasoo> Chilas> Deosai> Skardu
  3. Then we have, Islamabad> Mansehra> Balakot> Naran> Babusar Top> Chilas> Jaglot> Skardu
  4. Last: Islamabad> Mansehra> Balakot> Naran> Babusar Top> Chilas> Deosai> Skardu

You can also travel to Skardu from Gilgit. The total length is 256 kilometers.

Best Time To Travel Through Babusar Top

The best time to visit Skardu is in summer and autumn, as winter is too harsh in Skardu.

How To Reach Skardu?

 You can witness the amazing colorful picturesque locations that are unforgettable.  

Route 1 (N-35 or KKH)

  • Islamabad, Taxila, Kharipur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram, Takot, Bisham, Dassault, Chilas, Gilgit, Skardu

 Highway 2 (N-15 or Naran-Kaghan-Babusar Top)

  • Islamabad »Taxila» Haripur »Abbottabad» Mansehra »Balakot» Mahandri »Kaghan» Naran »Chilas» Gilgit »Skardu

However, you can use the Naran Babusar route from 10 June till 10 October.