UAE Social Media Sensation Khalid Al Ameri Falls In Love With Pakistan

Khalid Al Ameri social media sensation in UAE is currently visiting Pakistan for the first time. He found Pakistan an amazing place and says he is in love with Pakistan.

Khalid, who has more than 840,000 followers on Instagram. Recently arrived in Islamabad to travel to social media platforms to comment on Pakistan to date.

Also, he said in pictures wearing traditional clothes in front of the Faisal mosque. “I am in love with Pakistan, the people and the country are great, God wants it, Pakistan, Zindabad.

Further, there are many followers in Pakistan, and many rushed to Khalid’s comment area. There he was welcomed into the country and asked about the city he planned to visit.

Khalid shared a video of Nathia Gali and visited the mountains of Pakistan. He said in his story: “We are in the beautiful KP province, Nathia Gali. It’s beautiful here.”

Not only that, but this video maker also loves curry dishes in cold weather and makes snow from locals in the area. After returning to Islamabad, Khalid also met and drank local coffee, inviting all his followers. Stories on Instagram are full of people who gave him gifts and welcomed him into the country.

An influential person of Arab descent, known for his daily life videos, which usually includes his wife Salama Muhammad, known for “getting closer to the world”.

He Also Said:

Last year, Khalid used the #SayNoToWar tag to shoot viral videos during the ongoing nuclear tensions between Pakistan and India. “The current tension between Pakistan and India has made people around the world anxious about the war. What I know and see is the distance between Indians and Pakistanis in the UAE and around the world and their way of life”. He was at “It’s one of those stories,” said the clip, “together and work together to create a better life.”

Let us all be united and say “no” to the war, and I pray that God bless peace and understanding between different nations.

Further, Khalid was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, and together with his father in the UAE and his mother in Scotland, attributed his nature to his education. My family comes from a very humble environment. My parents met in the UK while my father was finishing his graduate studies. He added: “My mother worked for a year at an elderly home to save on tickets to visit Abu Dhabi,” his mother said in an interview with Friday Magazine.

Moreover, their parents have different cultural backgrounds and maintain their identity, which has a huge impact on their lives. “My brothers and I have raised people’s respect, their values ​​, and beliefs,” he said.

However, after holding various management positions, Khaled travelled to the United States in 2011 to earn an MBA from Stanford University. The elective courses he chose were digital media and publications. I quickly realized that making videos was his real profession. After returning to the United Arab Emirates, he filmed small Snapchat videos about life, relationships, work, and career, and proved his modest success.

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