Morocco And Pakistan Are Optimistic About The Future Of Bilateral Relations

Morocco and Pakistan have maintained friendly relations for nearly a century. Morocco’s ambassador to Pakistan, Mohamed Karmoune, announced that Morocco and Pakistan will resume relations and will continue to improve bilateral cooperation in various fields.

Moroccan diplomats described the future of Morocco-Pakistan relations in a recent interview with Pakistan News Agency Online International.

The ambassador revealed that the two countries are preparing to hold a series of high-level meetings to discuss cooperation in various fields such as trade, defence and political consultations.

Mohamed Karmoune said that although Morocco and Pakistan established formal diplomatic relations in 1958, the friendly relations between the two countries were before the 1950s.

He made it clear that Pakistan is helping Morocco fight for independence by issuing diplomatic passports to leaders of the Moroccan Liberation Army.

The diplomat said that common beliefs and common experiences support a close and friendly relationship between Morocco and Pakistan.

Both countries are members of the Jerusalem Commission, chaired by King Mohammed VI and the Islamic Cooperation Organization (ICO).

Karmoune emphasized the importance of strengthening trade and trade relations between the two countries.

The ambassador said that Morocco provides Pakistani investors and businessmen with many opportunities to promote their products. Especially in the field of textiles and handicrafts, because Morocco can access European and American markets through free trade agreements.

He added that the two countries have established a joint business committee to further explore opportunities for cooperation.

At the same time, the diplomat said that the South Asian country could benefit from Morocco’s experience in solar energy and emphasized Morocco’s regional leadership in solar and wind energy.

He added that since the two countries are strategically located. There is great potential for the two countries to exchange ideas in the field of tourism.

Trade Relationships

Furthermore, Pakistan and Morocco benefit from the vast coastlines and their large agricultural and natural resources. Mohamed Karmoune added that in order to strengthen maritime cooperation, Tangier-Med Port and Gwadar Port in southwestern Pakistan will sign agreements in the future.

Pakistan is a major investor in Morocco’s fertilizer production. Fuji Fertilizer Company of Pakistan and Morocco’s Phosphate Board have signed an agreement worth AED 800 million (more than the US $ 83 million). The relationship between Morocco and Pakistan has always been strong and friendly. Morocco has an embassy in Islamabad and Pakistan has an embassy in Rabat.

Karmoune said Morocco attaches great importance to relations with Pakistan. Pakistan supports the territorial integrity of Morocco. Asian countries do not recognize themselves as the Arab Democratic Republic of the Sahara. Also, support Morocco’s self-government plan and United Nations-led operations in Western Sahara.

Between 2007 and 2018, trade between Morocco and Pakistan almost tripled. Morocco’s exports to Pakistan increased from $ 147 million to more than $ 348 million. Meanwhile, imports from Pakistan increased from $ 11.5 million to more than $ 35 million.