The list of top places in Pakistan is long and will take more time than you think. so we have created a list of the best places in Pakistan which you can visit on your first tour to Pakistan. Have a look.

Pakistan is a real natural beauty, with some beautiful peaks, green landscapes and truly attractive archaeological sites. There are not many requirements in the final adventure destination, but unfortunately. (or fortunately for the lucky few), considering the large number of negative reports received by Pakistan, it is far from Western tourism.

Pakistan has many landscapes and terrains. There are mountains and rivers, archaeological sites for people to explore, curiosity, and pristine beaches, suitable for those who want to escape the crowds. With so many places in Pakistan to choose from in a country, these are some of the best places in Pakistan to visit.

Through these many trips, we have collected what we consider to be the best places in Pakistan. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started:

Gilgit Baltistan

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

First and foremost is always Gilgit Baltistan. Going north, you can enjoy the best scenery and adventure activities in the country. Start your journey in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), which is a popular choice for those looking for a diverse experience in only one area. GB is the northernmost administrative region of Pakistan. It has many peaks over 20,000 feet, including the famous K-2 and Nanga Parbat. Shandur, the world’s tallest polo stadium, and the turquoise Attabad Lake in the Hunza Valley are also here. The latter was created after a landslide in 2010. The treeless Deosai National Park is located in the Skardu District. The 4 114-meter-high wonderland is rich in flora and fauna, which can only be accessed in summer. Ski lovers can visit the Naltar Ski Resort, and enthusiastic campers can head to the picturesque fairy tale pastures.


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Places in Pakistan is incomplete with Multan visit. Multan is an interesting combination of ancient wars, trade, dynastic rule and Sufism memories. Pakistan’s seventh-largest city by population has changed since 3300 BC. It is said to have started with Hindu occupation, then witnessed the conquest of the Greeks, and finally hosted the long-term Sufi influence on the 11th and 12th. Islam has ruled for centuries. Multan is now an important part of southern Punjab, and devotees from all over the country and overseas visit countless shrines, mausoleums and mosques throughout the year. This is the respect that the deceased Sufi remembers or is buried here, so much so that it is called the “City of Saints.”


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

The interest of the Tapak region in Sindh as a tourist attraction is a relatively new development. The gradual increase in the number of tourists each year is an encouraging sign for the region, which is made up of towns and villages, ranging from slightly developed settlements to fully rural settlements. During or after the monsoon rains, most tourists flock to the area to experience the brief period when the desert turns into an oasis. This short season also brings joy to the residents. Because the soil in this desert is very fertile and supports rain-fed agriculture.

Kalash Valley

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is an ethnically diverse country, and Kalasha is its most unique indigenous group. The Kalash Valley-Bumburat, Rampur and Berry are part of Chitral. Chitral is the largest area in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and is known as the Hindu Surrounded by the Kush Mountains. For centuries, the remoteness of the valley has maintained its uniqueness. The fair-skinned, mostly blue-eyed Karasha people are known for their colourful costumes and polytheistic religion. It is said that this religion favours some form of spirituality or ancient Hinduism and is separate from the world of Muslim neighbours. They like to dance, make their own wine and play traditional musical instruments. The best time to visit these valleys is at any of the three annual festivals-Chilam Joshi in May, Ushaw in September and Shomos around the winter solstice.


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

History fans will hardly miss the opportunity to visit Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh, which has archaeological sites dating back to 2500 BC. Extensive research and excavations in the area have concluded that these hills and monuments were once part of the civilization of the Indus Valley. Moreover, it was contemporary with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Among other things, Mohenjo-Daro was built according to a network plan, with an efficient water management system. Plus unique public baths-all of which are considered advanced urban planning and civil engineering before their era. Due to mysterious reasons, the city was finally abandoned around 1900 and was not rediscovered until the 1920s. Detailed excavations continued until 1966, after which all in-depth archaeological work ceased due to weather conditions. Mohenjo-Daro was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980 and can  visited by private transportation, public buses or weekly flights from Karachi.

Khewra Salt Mine

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Visiting the world’s second-largest salt mine may not a routine feature necessary in traditional vacation plans. But it is definitely a great learning experience. The Khewra Salt Mine is located in the foothills of the Salt Range (Punjab Province). About 184 kilometres from the capital Islamabad. It is not only an important source of salt in the country. But also a major tourist attraction, with up to 250,000 tourists visiting the mine every year. Once transported inland by horse-drawn carriage, visitors can see caves entirely made of salt. Many saltwater basins and some miniature salt structures are important landmarks of the country. It is said that Alexander the Great’s troops discovered salt deposits in 326 BC.

Makran Coast

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Pakistan has not yet turned its beaches into dream resorts, but if you want to explore the pristine coast with natural beaches, the Makran Coast is definitely worth a visit. The breathtaking scenery of Baluchistan Province is surprising on the rugged terrain, which is mainly composed of arid mountains. The coastline itself stretches 1,000 kilometres along the Gulf of Oman and is scattered with unspoiled beaches. It is accessible via the 650-kilometre Makran Coastal Road, which starts in Karachi, Sindh, passes through Ormara and Pasni cities, and ends in Gwadar. It is recommended that you start your journey in Karachi at sunrise to make the most of the long journey. Famous beaches on the coastline include Cond Maler Beach, Astola Island, Ormara Beach, Sonmiani Beach, Gwadar Beach and Pasni Beach.


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Bahawalpur is located in the arid zone of the Cholistan Desert, bordering neighbouring India. In the heart of a princely state, which is part of Rajputana State, spread across Rajasthan and borders India. Under the rule of Nawabs, the city is full of impressive monuments dating back to those golden ages, including Nur Mahal, Farid Gate ) And royal tombs, which are located in the majestic centre of Derauer Fort, 100 kilometres to the south. The castle itself dates back to the 9th century AD, and its impressive 30-meter-long walls house about 40 towering forts, which can seen for miles throughout the desert environment.


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Important things happen in Chitral Pakistan. Chitral City is located in a fertile valley below the mighty Tirich Mir-the highest mountain in Hindus Kush in India at 7,700 meters. A comfortable place where friendly and warm people live. A lively bazaar and many stalls and restaurants run by Afghan refugees cross the hub to the small airstrip at one end, and to Polo Square at the other end. The ancient mud castle is a famous siege site in Britain, and it still stands on the banks of the Chitral River next to the Shah Mosque. From here you can reach the Garam Chashma hot springs, Kalash, Mastuj and Shandor Pass valleys. Isolated by the high mountains from the rest of the country, Chitral has developed its own feeling and charm, and you only need to experience it alone.

Deosai National Park

Most Beautiful Places Deosai Plains

The Deosai Plain is famous for its rich flora and fauna. It is located on the high mountain plain of the Karakoram Plateau in Western Tibet. In the spring, these fertile plains are covered with millions of colourful wildflowers, attracting large numbers of butterflies and competing for dazzling flowers. The highest plateau on the planet covers an area of ​​nearly 3,000 square kilometres. Also, borders the Karakoram Mountains and the western Himalayas. Its remarkable biodiversity has earned it the status of a national wildlife park. The park was originally established to ensure the survival of Himalayan brown bears. It is also home to lovers of golden marmots, snow leopards and huge birds.

Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows Places of Pakistan

Places in Pakistan has an incomparably beautiful region, and the Fairy Meadow is easily considered one of the most beautiful attractions in the region. This is a must-visit place in Pakistan, for me to visit Northern Pakistan. It takes about three hours of hiking, but the 8,000m plus the view of Nanga Parbat on Killer Mountain is very helpful. You will enjoy the best view of Nanga Parbat in Fairy Meadows when you sit comfortably in a cosy chalet.


Wonder of North- Hunza

The Hunza area is located on the ancient Silk Road to Kashgar. Today, the Karakoram Highway also runs along the same road. Karimabad is the main city in the area. Until recently, this mountainous area was a semi-independent country, but it is now fully united with Pakistan. It is named after Prince Karim Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shiite Nizari Ismaili sect. It is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Cricket is a national sport in Pakistan and is often played on the street. Since people are known for being friendly and hospitable, you may need to participate in some places in Pakistan. The main language here is Burushaski, although most people know some English and Urdu. Most people in the area are Ismaili Muslims.


Beautiful capital of world-Islamabad

Since moving out of Karachi in 1967, Islamabad has been the capital of Pakistan. Compared with other cities in the country, Islamabad is a relatively modern city. Islamabad has always been sterile and has no property. To be honest, it is only used as a gateway to other parts of the country, but it is a good one. Where to go. Rawalpindi’s bustling bazaar and the Buddhist monuments of Taxila, with some interesting sights such as the Faisal Mosque. As the capital and diplomatic centre of Pakistan, it is also home to some of the best hotels and restaurants in the country.


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Karachi is located in Pakistan’s most populous and cosmopolitan city, on the coast of the Arabian Sea. As home to the two busiest seaports in the country, life on fortifications began in the early 18th century. Then played an important role in British India before the division. Today, it has become one of the most open and ethnically diverse cities in Pakistan and has many important museums and shrines. Including the National Museum of Pakistan, the Mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Abdullah Shah Ghazi tomb. Not far from the city, you will find the world heritage treasures of the Shah Jahan Mosque in Thatta and Makli Hill, one of the largest mausoleums in the world.


Northern Pakistan, Khaplu Skardu

Next is Khaplu valley, which is a beautiful settlement a few miles east of Skardu, with picturesque terraces growing various crops. Moreover, Khaplu was once a famous and wealthy kingdom, and Khaplu Palace was once a residential fortress of local rulers. Recently, Aga Khan has shown a keen interest in this palace, which has been renovated into a great hotel where our guests will stay.

Khunjerab Pass

Northern Pakistan, Khunjerab Pass

The Khunjerab Pass is the highest point of the famous Karakoram Highway and the highest paved border crossing in the world. It is 4,693 meters in length and straddles the border between Pakistan and the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. This trail is located in some of the most spectacular mountain landscapes on the planet. It was completed in 1982 and connects the barren wasteland in the desert valley of Pakistan with the fertile plateau on the Chinese side, where cattle and sheep live in groups among the local population.


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

In addition to many famous historical attractions, this city is the second-largest city in Pakistan and is also famous for its beautiful gardens set during the rule of the Mughal Empire and British India. Its unremarkable elegance, bustling streets and markets, and various Islamic and British buildings make the city full of atmosphere, contrasts and surprises. When the people of Lahore wanted to emphasize the uniqueness of their towns, they just said: “Lahore is Lahore.” The traditional capital of Punjab has a history of a thousand years and is the cultural centre of North India, stretching from Peshawar to New Delhi.


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Thousands of years old Larkana is home to the ancient site of Mohenjo-Daro, which was once one of the largest settlements of the Bronze Age civilization that occupied the Indus Valley around 2500 BC. The city has fertile land and was once known as the “Indus Garden”. In recent years, the city has become famous for its relationship with the powerful Bhutto family (Zulfikar Ali and Benazir Bhutto are both buried here). However, its historical precedent attracts many tourists, especially in the vicinity of Mohenjo-Daro. It was the most advanced city at the time, covering an area of ​​about 300 hectares. However, today it is hailed as one of the best-preserved urban settlements anywhere in South Asia.


Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Just like many prosperous bazaars on the Indian subcontinent, the old streets of Peshawar. Especially around the story bazaar Qisa Khawani, are a landscape of colours, cultures, races and beliefs that are constantly rotating. Only here can there be scale. The goldsmith has no stalls near the disciples and no leather vendors near the vegetable vendors. Merchants are crowded in sunny alleys and have their own markets. This is a bustling places in Pakistan full of life and vitality. The city of comics, echoing the era of Arabian Nights. It’s fun for street travellers who get lost in this completely different world. Whenever possible, we will stay in the heart of the Khan Club’s Old Town. This is an old Haveli Hotel that has now been transformed into an excellent heritage hotel.



Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Next is Skardu. Which is located amidst steep mountains, deep valleys, thunderous waterfalls and tranquil landscapes. Additionally,2,286 meters against the backdrop of the magnificent peaks of the Karakoram Mountains. As the capital of Baltistan, it is located on the ancient tea and trade route between China and the Indian subcontinent. For hikers and non-travellers, it is one of the excellent places in Pakistan to visit.


Interior Sindh Sukkur

After that, we have Sukkur on the list of the best places in Pakistan. The strategically important city of Sukkar is located on the west bank of the Indus River. Above all, it has been the centre of trade in the region since ancient times. With its historical lineage dating back to before the arrival of Alexander the Great in 326 BC, the city has absorbed Umayyads, Mughals and British influences over the years. In fact, the modern city was founded by the British under the guise of Sir Charles Napier. Importantly, one of its most impressive landmarks originated during British rule-the stunning Sukkur Aqueduct. Which was built between 1923 and 1932 and is still the largest single irrigation system in the world.

Karakoram Highway

Landmark of Pakistan KKH

Nonetheless, the Karakoram Highway is Pakistan’s greatest modern representation. It connects Pakistan with China through one of the most amazing roads in the world. It winds through the three large mountains of the Himalayas, Karakoram and Pamir, along an ancient Silk Road. Along the Indus, Gilgit and Hunza river valleys to the Khunjerab Pass on the Chinese border. Then, it crossed the Central Asian plateau, and then across the Pamirs to Kashgar on the western edge of the Taklimakan Desert. Through this route, Chinese silks, ceramics, lacquerware, bronzes, iron, fur and spices travel in South Asia and the West. While wool, linen, ivory, gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, asbestos and glass travel in South Asia and South Asia. Moving northward and eastward westward.

Shandur Pass

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Last on the listof Places in Pakistan is Shandur Pass. Located in the heart of Hindu Kush, between Chitral and Gilgit, Shandur Pass is an impressive alpine plateau with a height of 4,000 meters. Furthermore, the subcontinent is surrounded by snow-covered peaks, divided by powerful rivers flooded with trout, and inhabited by cows, eagles, foxes, and rare snow leopards. This is where the subcontinent has drastically transformed into Central Asia. It is also home to the highest polo stadium in the world. We think there is nothing better than this, especially during the Polo Festival in July. The three to four-day trip from Chitral to Gilgit is a true manifestation of See Pakistan Tours.