Pakistan Tourism Industry Will Bounce Back In Summer 2021

With the relaxation in the COVID lockdown in northern areas for Pakistan, the Pakistan Tourism industry expects a rapid increase.

Hunza Valley Naran Kaghan & Swat Kalam and most importantly, Chitral / Skardu is some of the most desirable northern tour plan this summer.

There is an estimate of a 50% increase in Tourist expected as corona times was only a pause but we are back with a boom and our tourism is expecting a boom in 2021. So, let’s give it a great try

There are some of the most diverse natural beauty on earth. It is no wonder that Forbes lists his country as one of the “ten most beautiful tourist destinations”.

2020 Was the Worst Year for Tourism Where Tourism Industry around the World is declining

The latest survey by the United Nations Tourism Organization shows that the 2020 travel year is very broad. The global tourism industry has fallen by 74%, and more than 100 million jobs are associated with it. Faced with travel restrictions, the forecast for 2021 is also cautious. Emerging trends are family vacations, nature holidays, and the growing interest in sustainable travel.

Everyone is talking about the new normal. Well, let us believe it! The crisis is a signal of the government’s call for action and emphasizes the importance of new forms of tourism approaches to support the recovery. The current crisis poses a real threat to the tourism economy. at the same time, it is also an ideal opportunity to consider issues extensively. Initially, this may mean that we must promote and possibly reinvent other types of tourism.

On the other hand, we must understand that the difficulty of developing tourism is not only the result of previous revolutions and riots. Indeed, the “new” crisis has raised questions about the fundamentals of the sector. Therefore, we want to talk about new tourism and illogical innovation forms.

For those tourism companies that lost money last year and hope to benefit by the end of summer and fall, this will be a heavy blow.

Some Insight On Recognizing Pakistani Tourism Industry From All Over The World

Pakistanis are a kaleidoscope, representing the most diverse natural beauty in the world. It is the cradle of ancient civilization and the “melting pot” of religion and culture. The World Economic Forum has listed UNESCO as a “world heritage” and Pakistan has been listed as the top 25% of the world’s best destinations.

Stretching from the mountains in the north to the vast sedimentary delta of the Indus River in the south, Pakistan is still a land of natural beauty and majestic mountains. The country has sparkling deserts and some of the highest peaks in the world, attracting countless attractions for tourists, skiers, hikers and climbers. For those interested in rafting, trout fishing, jeep safari, camels, cattle and other flora and fauna, Pakistan is your ideal choice.

There are knowledge warehouses of archaeologists, historians, artists, teachers and anthropologists on this land. As well as the profound religious heritage of pilgrims of various religions and beliefs.

These qualities mean that Pakistan’s tourism industry has begun to grow exponentially. Among the foreign tourists with less than one million in 2015, the International Tourism Monitoring Agency recorded more than 2 million tourists entering by 2019. Domestic tourism surpassed the barrier of 40 million tourists last year.

A world view of Pakistan tourism industry potential

  • Pakistan ranks first in the “Condé Nast Travel” list of the top 20 resorts.
  • Lonely Planet calls Pakistan “the next big thing in tourism“.
  • Forbes” named Pakistan as one of the “Top Ten Attractions in 2019“.

The British Backpackers Society (BBS) announced that Pakistan will become the world’s third-largest potential adventure destination in 2020. Last year, BBS announced that “Pakistan ranks first among the world’s best travel destinations, “The Friendliest Country Around World“. This wonderful land stretches from the high mountains and mountains in the north to the plains and deserts in central Pakistan and the Arabian Sea in the south. In addition to the natural scenery of the four provinces of Pakistan, people are also open to foreign tourists. Very hospitable.

House of five highest mountains in the world

The mountains of Pakistan include the famous Himalayas, Karakoram and the Hindu Kush. Pakistan has several peaks, the highest of which is K2 (8611 meters), which is the second-highest peak in the world. The country has 5 of the 14 highest mountains in the world, so it is uniquely blessed. From April to September, climbers from home and abroad flocked in.

The highest trade route in the world

The 806-kilometre Karakoram Highway is built along the ancient Silk Road connecting Pakistan and China and is the highest trade route in the world. Also, the nearby Mintaka Pass is located on the magnificent Silk Road connecting Europe and Asia and is travelled by the most famous tourists in history. These include the 13th-century Venetian merchant Marco Polo (Marco Polo named the wild sheep after him). The 4th century Sheen Chinese monk, and the 11th-century Arab historian Al Biruni.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Kaghan and Swat Valley)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is once again known for its diverse natural scenery. There are some amazing valleys and mountains in the north, including the Kaghan and Swat valleys as well as the famous Khyber Pass (Khyber Pass). However, Naran Kaghan tour packages 2021 is the most demanded and favourable tour package in all northern areas of Pakistan.

Northern region (Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu)

The northern part of Pakistan covers an area of ​​72,496 square kilometres, which is as charming and picturesque as other regions. Among the towering snow-capped peaks over 8000 meters. The beautiful quiet valleys of the Gilgit tour package, Hunza tour package and Skardu tour package are wonderful.

Forty skaters from 13 countries including Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Hong Kong. The United Kingdom and Belgium participated in the Pakistan International Skating Cup held in Gilgit-Baltistan, ​​Pakistan. The cultural patterns of the area are as diverse and interesting as the terrain.

So, book this exciting tour plan, be it a Naran Kaghan Tours or Hunza Valley Tour Packages this summer 2021.