Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)Launches Direct Flight From Quetta To Dubai

PIA has opened direct flights between Quetta and Dubai. The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qassim Khan Suri (Qassim Khan Suri) opened the maiden flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Monday. However, the flight-tracking website will show which flights are to and from Karachi instead of Quetta.

“We are very pleased to fulfill our commitment by opening a direct flight from Kuwait to Dubai. Moreover, this is a long-standing demand from the people of Balochistan,” he said at the meeting.

In the past, people had to go to Karachi to take a Dubai flight. But now PIA is providing people in the province with the convenience of getting from Quetta Airport to Dubai.

Furthermore, Suri added that Pakistan International Airline played an important role during the coronavirus pandemic. The greatness of Pakistan International Airlines will gradually recover, saying that Pakistan International Airlines is the identity and pride of Pakistan.

Quetta Airport Is Building A New Runway For Larger Aircraft.

Last week, Pakistan International Airlines began direct flights to the Iranian city of Mashhad. After a five-year suspension to promote religious tourism with neighboring countries.


National Airlines spokesman Abdullah Khan said that the first flight went from Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province, to Mashad, a city known as a religious pilgrimage site in northeastern Iran, on Wednesday night, and from Karachi to Mashad. However, the direct flight will start on Saturday.