How Religious Tourism Can Help Pakistan To Uplift Its Tourism Industry?

Pakistan houses some of the enormous historical and religious Tourist Attractions that can help Pakistan in uplifting religious Tourism in Pakistan. As per the record, Pakistan has six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the middle Ages, they celebrated a year based on natural and cultural resources, which were introduced through modern art. Tourism revenue in 2018 was $364.2 million. In terms of employment, Pakistan’s tourism industry employs 2.4% of total employment.

Since 2015, it has listed the list of the world’s most willing to travel. Pakistan is a religious place of great interest to Buddhists and Sikhs. The latest report released by Gallup in 2014 was released at the cultural site in Pakistan. Above all, from 1.6 million visitors in 2014 to the fastest growing visitors. The representative of the United Kingdom pledged to invest 500 million pounds in Pakistan’s religious tourism for Uplifting Religious Tourism in Pakistan.

Also, the Punjab government has recently introduced a tourism policy to encourage more than 20 industries. Under the Punjab Travel Plan, the state government will spend $50 million to bring visitors into line with international standards.

As per estimated figures, the Domestic tourism of Pakistan is about $1.5 billion. The GDP output is about $3.5 billion, which is equivalent to the present value of Pakistani cotton.

Sacred Places in Pakistan

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) identified 480 locations for inbound tourism alone. Among them are 106 historical significance, 120 religions, and 26 religions and history. The PTI government is committed to increasing the country’s wealth to attract more tourists to Pakistan.

Additionally, it is likely to attract more religious visitors to Pakistan, including civilians and Buddhists. Thanks to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the government for their efforts in opening the Central Gurdwara and the temple at Gurdwara Kartarpur Shrine in Punjab (Pakistan).

Furthermore, the continued growth of the world’s tourism industry has expanded the sector’s importance to the world economy. Modern tourism promotes social and economic progress by creating jobs in many sectors.

Among the government’s tourism and travel sector priorities, Pakistan ranks 112 out of 132 countries. However, the current government is focusing on this area by taking certain initiatives. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government plans to return more than 3,000 historical artifacts to attract tourists from the region. Moreover, the KP government recently launched the first mobile travel app to promote tourism in the region.

The app includes information based on hotels, restaurants, service stations, and roads that also will guide visitors. These initiatives can promote in other provinces to attract and encourage tourism. However, tourists find Mosques, Buddhist sits, churches, archeological sites of different civilizations that leave a great impact on each tourist to visit their sacred place in Pakistan.

Facts about religious tourism

Hence, there are visible and promoting positive signs of Religious Tourism in Pakistan that can help in building the Religious Tourism Industry in Pakistan.