Top Places to Visit in Chitral Valley

 Here we will tell you all the details about the Top Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: The Chitral Valley has an average elevation of 1128 meters and is a favorite of mountain climbers, hikers, hunters, hunters, and anthropologists. Afghanistan is located in the north, south, and west of the Chitral region. The narrow zone of Afghanistan (Wakhan) separates it from Tajikistan.

Remarkable Tourist Places in Chitral Valley, Pakistan

Chitral City is located on the banks of the Chitral River, at an altitude of 1518 m. worth seeing is the Shah Mosque (Royal Mosque), Mehtar’s Castle, and the Khawar Houses by Chitral.

The Garam Chashma Valley (hot spring) offers magnificent views of orchards, fields, and snow-capped mountain peaks. However, the most interesting feature is that its sulfur spring is known for its healing properties. For the convenience of tourists, “baths” are set up near the hot springs.

Wadi Kalash is one of the main attractions in Chitral, and it is home to the Kalash tribe or “black robe” of the pagan tribe. The myth says that five soldiers from the army of Alexander the Great settled in Chitral and were the ancestors of Kalash.

Kalash women wear black skirt dresses in summer and hand-dyed black wool in winter. Her charming headdress is made of black wool fabric, decorated with shells and buttons, and covered with colorful feathers.

Explore the Kalash Valley from Chitral

Kalash likes music and dancing, especially during religious festivals. The Chitral Valley has many beautiful sights. Pakistan’s Chitral Valley is impressive, and you can relax after a holiday in the country.

In summer, the snow melts, the river flows, the scenery becomes lush, and the summer atmosphere becomes more romantic and beautiful. Plus, the climate in Chitral is very pleasant.

Whereas in winter, it snows heavily, and the snow-capped mountains represent very beautiful scenery. Due to snowfall and glaciers, Chitral’s climate is extremely cold in winter.

We assure you that the whole valley is very beautiful. Chitral’s rivers, mountains, scenery, people, and climate all guarantee a very peaceful holiday.

First of all, let me introduce you to the Top Places to Visit in Chitral Valley. These include:

  1. Bumburet Valley
  2. Rumbur Valley
  3. Birir Valley
  4. Ayun valley
  5. Garam Chashma
  6. Bonni
  7. Shandur Pass
  8. Tirch Mir

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Kalash Chitral Valley

The Kalash Valley bordering Afghanistan is located in northwestern Pakistan and is the most traditional area in the Chitral region. During my trip to the Chitral valley, you should visit the Kalash valley, specifically the Bumburet, Rambur, and Birir valleys.

The people living in these valleys are Pakistanis, not Muslims. The population of these three valleys is approximately 5,000. When you visit them, you will notice that the people of Kalash Valley have their own culture, traditions, religions, and festivals.

It is surprising when a woman from Kalashi came to see you and greet you in their traditional way. Their dresses are colorful, they proudly wore these cultural dresses.

Most importantly, when some left the Kalash Valley, they give you a long and colorful robe as a gift as a gesture of friendship, and exquisite gifts to the guests.

The residents of Kalash Valley celebrate three main festivals every year. Chilam Joshi in May, Uchau (autumn), and Choimus in September celebrated for two weeks around the winter solstice.

During the festival, the traditional Karki dance, drink, and have fun. They also worship their gods and souls and make sacrifices to make them happy. Kalash girls choose their future husbands during the Chilam Joshi festival.

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First, you must decide which valley you want to go to.

Beautiful spots in Chitral Valley, Pakistan

“When you leave a beautiful place, you will take it with you.” Alexandra Stoddard. Likewise, you will bring many beautiful scenery and memories of Chitral. Hopefully,  you will explore the beautiful places in Chitral Valley.

Bumburet Valley

Bumburet is the largest commercial valley in Kalash. This place is very advanced in terms of modern facilities and is crowded with many domestic tourists.

For this reason,  we suggest you visit this place in May to enjoy the Kalash Chilam Joshi Festival.

Rumbur Valley

Wadi Rumbur has many small, underdeveloped villages in the north of Bumburet. It is usually full of foreign tourists. The valley is big enough to keep you busy for at least two days.

Birir Valley

This is the smallest edge valley in Kalash, located in southern Bumburet. This place is not well developed and receives few tourists throughout the year. The most important thing is that See Pakistan Tours has the best package to visit the Chitral valley.

Ayun valley

It is located on the banks of the Chitral River, one of the most beautiful valleys in Chitral. This is a lush green valley between Chitral town and Ayun Valley. It is the gateway to the Kalash Valley.

The Chitral River and the Bamburit River converge in the Ayun Valley. The Bumburet River flows through the entire Ayun Valley. The water from this river is used to generate electricity, irrigate and drink for Ayoun Village.

The people of Wadi Ayun are very friendly and hospitable. You should visit Wadi Ayun and witness the welcome and guidance of tourists. Most importantly, See Pakistan Tours has the best package to visit the Ayun Valley in Chitral. They provide you with the best car rental service at an affordable price. So please don’t worry and get ready for an adventurous trip with “Pakistan Travel Agency”.

Garam Chashma

Gorgeous! !! The name sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Garam Chashma is also famous for hot springs or warm springs. It is the beautiful Chitral Valley, located in the Hindu Kush Mountains, 2550 meters above sea level. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chitral and is famous for its hot springs, trout, and gems. This place is well worth a visit and includes rock climbing, fish sports, natural hot springs, and peaceful surroundings.

This is another interesting fact about GARAM CHASHMA! Springwater is used as a natural medicine for skin diseases and chronic headaches. A bathing area has been established for tourists to bathe in the spring water.

You may wonder why the water in the hot spring is so hot. This is because there are a lot of sulfur deposits underground. Sulfur raises the temperature of water above its boiling point and raises the temperature to approximately 2,600 degrees Celsius.

So let us visit Garam Chashma with See Pakistan Tours at a very affordable price and a comfortable trip.


In the crown of the Chitral Valley, one of the magnificence’s is Bonnie. Like other valleys, Bonni is also wondrous, and it is well worth visiting Chitral.

Since glaciers are the main attraction for tourists, the Bonnie Mountain block is fan-shaped. Amazing fact! In terms of educational facilities provided to the indigenous people, the city has been greatly developed. The motels of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) are also located here.

If you want to stay here during your vacation, See Pakistan Tours can help you. Because the valley is directly exposed to the sun, the weather in Pune is warm. In winter, the weather is very cold. This place is also famous for the growth of various vegetables, fruits, and crops. So why not visit this beautiful place in Chitral this summer? Use See Pakistan Tours??? Let’s go.

Shandur Pass

Do you know other names of Shandur Pass? “Roof of the World“. It is the highest mountain pass with an altitude of 3700 meters. It is located between the Chitral district of KPK and the Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan.

If you are an adventurous tourist, this is an ideal place to go. The road is narrow, rugged, and uneven, and you should only want to drive first and second gears. Moreover, most roads are only suitable for one car. The best time to travel to Shandur Pass is from late April to early November. Jeep is the best off-road driving option to go to this worth seeing place.

Every July, the “Shandur Polo Festival” (Shandur Polo Festival) is held. At the festival, Chitral and the Gilgit Baltistan team played a polo match on Shandur Top. Therefore, Tourism Pakistan brings you the best package for the July Shandur Polo Festival.

Tirch Mir

Turkish Mir or Torch Mir???? Well, no matter how you pronounce it, Trich Mir is the highest peak of the Hindu Kush. It is the highest mountain range in the world outside of the Karakoram in the Himalayas. It is located in the Mulkow Valley in the Chitral region. Also, the height of this mountain range is 7708 meters. Do you know interesting facts about the Trich Mir? In Waki, Trich means darkness and Mir means king. Therefore, the name means “King of Darkness”. The name can also be attributed to the shadow created by Tirch Mir on the side of Wakhan.

The average temperature in Tirch Mir ranges from the highest temperature of 130 degrees Celsius in July to the lowest temperature of -120 degrees Celsius in winter. What do you think? June to July is not the best time to visit Turkish Mir with See Pakistani Tours. It must be. Finally, we provide the best economic travel services to the beautiful places in Chitral, including car rental, hotel, rental and local guides. Hold your breath now! Because now is the time to use See Pakistan Tours visit other picturesque places in the Chitral Valley.

Karambar Lake

The beautiful Karambar Lake is one of the highest, coldest, and most transparent lakes, a glacial lake in the Alps. It is located in the Broghil Valley in Chitral and the Ishkomen Valley in Gilgit. Karambar Lake is the second-highest lake in Pakistan. The first is Lake Rush in Gilgit-Baltistan. It was found at a height of 4,272 meters and has high biological activity.

Oh my! Why don’t you visit it yourself? When leaving the Broghil Valley people will drive a jeep. After that, you have to trek for 3 days to reach Karambar Lake. We assure you that this adventure will be wonderful.


It’s hard to pronounce, but it’s very beautiful! !! This is a very beautiful scenic resort and an attractive resort. The distance between Barmoghlasht and Chitral is 14.5 kilometers. In addition, it is the building of the Chitral royal family, which is worth seeing. It is located among lush green pastures, adding more beauty to the resort.

Chitral Museum

The Chitral area of ​​KPK is world-famous for its traditions and culture. To protect Chitral’s cultural heritage and fascinating scenery, the Chitral Museum was established. The Chitral Museum has two galleries, an ethnic gallery, and an archaeological gallery.

The ethnography exhibition shows the lifestyle of the Chitral people. In addition, various items such as jewelry, weapons, traditional clothing, furniture, ceramics, and musical instruments are part of the ethnographic exhibition.

In addition, the archaeological exhibition also displays ancient cultural materials from Wadi Kalash. Therefore, when you visit the Chitral Museum, you can explore Chitral’s contemporary and ancient culture and heritage.

Shahi Fort

On the right bank of the Chitral River near the Shah Mosque, a beautiful and majestic fort was built. It is called Shahi Fort Chitral. This fort was built by Raja Nader Shah in the 14th century. It is not in its original form, but it still shows the richness of its past.

In addition, in 1969, Shahi Fort Chitral (Shahi Fort Chitral) announced the ownership of the personal property of the last Chitral ruler. Therefore, before visiting Shahiborg, be sure to obtain permission. But don’t worry! Our See Pakistan Tours guide will help you to visit the top places to visit in Chitral.

Governor’s Cottage

The name reveals the ownership of this place, right? The Governor’s Lodge is one of the beautiful places in the Chitral Valley. It represents a typical architectural style. The place is surrounded by huge mountains and green landscapes. Many historical sites that fascinate tourists are preserved here. When the weather is fine, you can admire Tirch Mir from here. In addition, this place is open to the public.

Chitral Gol National Park

Chitral Gol National Park is located on the banks of the Chitral River, a 2-hour continuous journey from Chitral. Another name for the park is Chitral National Park. You can walk on an area of ​​7,750 hectares at an altitude of 5,000 meters. The road to the park is narrow, dangerous, and adventurous. You can see three valleys, huge glaciers, and beautiful streams from the glaciers in the park. There are many cedars in Cedar Park.

What’s in the garden? Many animals live… Markhor, Ibex, Black Bear Wolf, Red Fox, and Himalayan Fox. What else? Aviation animals…Eagle, golden eagle, eagle, redfish, monkey, thunderbird, and rock. Therefore, Chitral National Park must be visited in your itinerary.

Toshi Game Reserve

Like other beautiful places in Chitral, Toshi Game Reserve is no exception. Chitral is a place that must be freely entered. It is located on Garam Chashma Road and covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 hectares. An interesting fact about Toshi Game Reserve is that it is a paradise for Markhors. What’s more, a group of Markhors was seen falling into the river from the hillside at sunrise or sunset.

So bring your binoculars to see the extraordinary tours reserved with See Pakistan Tours this summer.

If we miss any Top Places to Visit in Chitral Valley, do mention them in the comment box below: