Depending on the Neelum Valley Tourist Spots, nature is so honored here that each quarter of the valley has its own particular interesting appeal. We have made a rundown of some popular Tourist spot in Neelum Valley, “Banjosa Lake”, “Ratti Gali Lake” close “Kutton Jagran”, “Kutton Valley”, “Sharda Valley”, “Kel”, “Arrang Kel”, “Sharda”, “Halmat”, and “Taubut”. Whatever remains of the subtle elements are underneath: Have a look.

  • Patheka


Patheka is the primary vacationer spot while entering in the Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir. The town called the business region of Neelum valley where the traveller finds all the thing that utilized in day by day schedule. Alongside this, there are various Hotels that prepared to oblige a great many vacationers to Neelum Valley. Other than the business side of the town, Patheka offers quantities of all-encompassing perspectives of the valley. The tremendous mountains, the charming Neelum Valley Weather, rich green knolls catch vacationer consideration. The breathtaking street to Patheka encompassed by tall trees, a wondrous view to catch.


  • Dhani Waterfall


Next on the rundown is the Dhani Waterfall that is right around 30 kilometers from the commonplace capital Muzaffarabad. It stands out amongst the most astounding cascades in the locale, the clear water of Dhani draws in a huge number of the vacationer towards it. The Best Time to Visit the Waterfall is from March to mid-June.

  • Ratti Gali Lake:


Situated in the blue diamond of Pakistan Neelum Valley, it’s standout amongst the most excellent lakes in Pakistan. It is a high chilly lake at an elevation of 12,130 ft. Lake is open through Dowarian, a town of Neelum Valley understood for its beautiful magnificence. One can’t miss a solitary sight of the entrancing lake as the water is unique to the point that it doesn’t mirror the environment. The zone is so modest and loaded with serenity, individuals can trek to achieve the most astounding spot in Neelum Valley.

  • Kel and Arrang Kel


At the fourth point is Kel and Arrang Kel, one of the appealing spots of the valley Neelum. There is a long track from Kel that goes towards Nanga Parbat. Individuals can observe the Nanga Parbat Mountain view from that point and it is a delightful sight for everybody who visits it. It’s a 3hrs trek from Kel to Arrang Kel, a lofty high track through the wilderness with nearby music.

  • Taubut



Being the last town in Neelum Valley, Taubut never misses its prevalence among the visitor. It’s turning into the favoured goal for all the visitor who desires to investigate the inconspicuous wonders of Neelum valley. Beginning from the bewitching River Neelum in the middle of the Tau Butt town and closure with the brilliant stream Gagai creek is only an astonishing background to have. The Gagai waterway is available on strolling separation from Tau butt. There are an arrangement of field and vegetation in the town, nature blended here with the fabulous condition. Almost Taubut merits visiting the town with the enormous mountain at the back, with streaming clean water of Neelum waterway, the rich green field and besides the tranquillity at its pinnacle.

  • Kutton and Upper Neelum



Kutton Jagran valley found roughly 82kms far from the capital city Muzaffarabad. The swirling water of steam nearby the town charm such a large number of travellers to stay and take a full breath in a sound situation. There is an extensive scope of lodgings and resorts to suit a large number of visitors. Besides, Upper Neelum is 2 Kilometers from Keran, it has the most beautiful perspectives of Neelum Valley which demonstrates the all-encompassing perspective of Valley. Azad Kashmir is so fun need to trek and climb. Traveller love to trek from Kutton Jagran to upper Neelum to Keran Village.

  • Sharda Neelum Valley


Sharda has found right around 136 km far from the principal city of Muzaffarabad, pull in vacationer for its stunning area. Vacationer love to trek in its lavish green glades. Sharda additionally claims a rich authentic foundation that includes an interest in the hearts of the guest to visit the place once throughout everyday life. Sharda Neelum Valley has several rest houses for the guests.

  • Banjosa Lake

Banjosa-LakeYet another most astonishing and captivating lake in the middle of the enormous piles of Azad Kashmir is Banjosa Lake. It fills in as a vacationer resort about 20kms far from the principal city Rawalakot. It is a counterfeit lake situated at the stature of 1,981 meters above sea level. Encompassed by rich green thick pine timberland makes it more remarkable for the travellers. The guests can never part their perspectives for a minute. The best time to visit the lake in the mid-summer as it turned out to be cruel in winters. A value visiting place while investigating the Beauties of Azad Kashmir.

  • Tolipeer

In AJK Tourism, there are various spots that offer peacefulness and tranquillity to anybody. Tolipeer is one of it, a bewitching ridge arranged at the tallness of 8800ft. A heavenly land is inexhaustible with such a significant number of pleasant and beautiful perspectives. It is around 30 km, or a 45-minute drive, from Rawalakot and other adjacent zones can see from the Tolipeer Abbaspur, Bagh and Poonch River as it is the most noteworthy pinnacle point there.

  • Pir Chinasi

Lastly is the Pir Chinasi that is outstanding for its lavish green land with all-encompassing perspectives of the colossal mountain encompassed the region? Pir Chinasi is loveable Tourist Spot particularly for trekkers and draws in thousands guest in its serenity far from the loud town. The visitor appreciates quietness and serenity there. Pinnacle time to visit the place is from midyear March to September. As its much snowfall in winter yet nature eager without a doubt have involvement in winters too.