The 14-Story Italian Cruise Ship Arrives At The Gardani Shipyard In Karachi

Yes, you heard it right, the 14 story cruise ship is in Pakistan now. Read the full article to find out how. Karachi, the largest unique cruise ships in Pakistan’s port and cargo history has arrived at the Gadani Ship Recycling Yard. The largest cruise ship in Pakistan’s history, with 14 decks and 1,400 rooms docked in Karachi
Due to the global spread of the new crown epidemic, its impact on the tourism and shipping industries. It was announced that the cruise ship was dropped and sent to Pakistan for disposal. Discussions with the authorities on this have already begun.

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The Italian cruise ship’s Costa Romantica arrived in Pakistan and canceled the ship. This Italian-made ship is called Costa Romantica. Before that, it was named by  Antares Experience during the ship’s renovation in 2012.

After the coronavirus pandemic hit the tourism and shipping industries, the company sold its scrap yard.

The cruise includes a seven-star hotel, shopping center, casino, gaming area, and three large lounges. Since the corona epidemic, cruise operations around the world have been severely affected. The ship was bought by a newly selected company in Pakistan for dismantling.

However, considering the best conditions of the cruise ships. It is also decided to use the cruise ship for hotel or travel and tourism purposes.

According to sources in the shipping industry, this type of new cruise ship is currently worth 500.5 billion yuan. Also, it approves to operate as a cruise ship in 2024.

After arriving in Pakistan, the ship did inspect by the officials. So the cruise ship’s can operate in the next 10 to 15 years. In the public interest, the ship’s request to call at Karachi Port. As it was rejected due to its large hull.

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