Summer travel can get all the attention, but most of us really need to rest in winter, don’t we? We are not just talking about the annual snowbirds, they travel to the tropics seasonally to find a reliable polar vortex escape plan. Although we have some suggestions for this particular winter travel destinations. 


When the cold weather changes, travel fantasies often change between two distinct vacations: a winter wonderland and a tropical beach. Sometimes we imagine a ski holiday or a trip to a snowy city, sometimes we start planning our next trip to the beach, ignoring the cold temperatures. 


If you encounter these roaming duels, then you are lucky. We have collected 10  of the best winter holidays in 2022 and split them equally between hot and cold weather destinations to make you dream of going next winter. Because who said you can only choose one?


If you are planning your winter vacation in 2022, please consider these wonderful places. These locations combine urban entertainment, the celebration atmosphere, and even outdoor activities. Cities like Swat and even Tokyo provide great natural retreats for adventurous people.


So please check this list of Best Places to Visit in Winter 2022 and share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Winter in Northern Pakistan 2022

Winter is always special in Pakistan, from north to south, you will witness some of the breathtaking scenery all over. Being an apparently small country to have many options here to witness the amazing winters here. Murree, Skardu, Gorakh Hills, Hunza, and Quetta. 

You can enjoy many outdoor activities here including Ski Championship in Malam Jabba.

Each place of Pakistan in winters gives you different vibes, sightseeing tours become more exciting with the local street food in winters. Book your Pakistan Winter Tour 2022 now.

Winter in Arizona 2022

The town is famous for its red sandstone formations, which are dusted with snow in winter. However, the weather is still mild, but there are no crowds at this time of the year, so you can enjoy a quiet retreat and empty walking trails. It offers hot air balloon rides to enjoy the sunrise and rockery, while spa treatments and restaurants provide relaxing holidays. A good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Breathtaking valleys and high-quality services guarantee you a pleasant holiday.


Winter in Alberta 2022

Canada is surrounded by mountainous landscapes and is a popular attraction throughout the year. But in winter, it offers some special opportunities. In addition to the perfect snow scene, it also offers many activities, such as climbing, skiing, cycling, etc. At the same time, there are many cafes, restaurants, shops, and museums that will satisfy your appetite for food and culture. Banff Street may be one of the most amazing streets in Alberta. The diversity of activities undoubtedly makes Alberta an ideal destination.

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Winter in Ireland 2022


The weather is very cold, there is a lot of snow, there are more bars, cozy corners and a glass of original Guinness beer. Dublin is rated as one of the friendliest cities in Europe. There are also the Dublin Mountains and the Wicklow Mountains, offering natural retreats, hiking trails, and panoramic views. Additionally, Dublin has a great party life, great beer and cold winters. It also prides itself on its cultural life and music scene.

Winter in Austria 2022

This historic city in the Alps is the center of the attraction. In winter, it provides many entertainment activities. The skating rink like the city hall is surrounded by amazing buildings, which makes the experience even more interesting. Before the holidays, the Christmas market dominates the city, where you can find sweets, delicacies and local handicrafts. Most importantly, Vienna is proud of its rich culture. Winter is the season of operas, dance parties and Christmas markets, and is dominated by Viennese people.

Winter in Romania 2022

The area includes many picturesque medieval towns such as Brasov, Sighişoara, or Bilton. This is the home of the most famous vampire-Count Dracula. It is said that this iconic figure lives in Bran Castle and must be seen once. Traveling here will truly satisfy those who desire avant-garde things. The area is famous for its wonderful scenery and historical towns covered by thick snow in winter.

Winter in the Czech Republic 2022

One of the most beautiful capitals in Eastern Europe shines in winter. A very popular place in Prague in summer is now less crowded. The ice rink provides entertainment for tourists and locals, the Christmas market offers delicious food, and music, and the Bohemian Carnival in February provides a real and interesting experience. However, Prague is a must-visit city all year round. Its architecture is impeccable and truly worth seeing in a lifetime. The capital becomes more attractive during the holidays and offers many cultural activities.

Winter in Norway 2022

One of the most popular countries to witness winters, surrounded by a wholesome natural environment, but still retains the idyllic northern village atmosphere. The mountains provide opportunities for skiing, sledding, and hiking. You can take the cable car to the top of Ulriken Mountain and enjoy the panoramic view. It also provides visitors with the opportunity to relax in the impeccable Scandinavian spa. However, Norway is a great place in Europe to experience the real winter. Wonderful nature, many outdoor activities, and spas will make a trip to Bergen unforgettable.

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Winter in Japan 2022

How can one forget the most amazing winter destination of the world, Japan, especially Tokyo? The city has become one of the important attractions in winter. Christmas lights and exquisite decorations remind you that this is a country of innovation. You can shop, ski, or snowboard in many areas around Tokyo, relax in the hot springs, participate in one of the many winter festivals such as Tori no Ichi and Jingu Gaien Icho Matsuri, and of course, be the first in the world to celebrate the New Year People. In Tokyo, you can find all the good things that big cities have to offer, as well as shelters and peaceful places in many temples or nature. From skiing to hot springs to dining at the best sushi restaurants, all kinds of activities will make your winter vacation 2022 full of fun.

Winter in Germany 2022

Last but not least the Germany, notably Frankfurt. This city has the oldest Christmas market in the country! It is located opposite the town hall and offers the best things in Germany at this time of year. You can explore the beautiful old town on the historic Ebbelwoi-Express tram. Music lovers will have to go to the Old Opera House to enjoy the elegant culture. Additionally, good place for the winter holidays in 2022, after all, the tradition of the Christmas market originated here. In addition, various cultural events, shopping centers, and historical buildings make Frankfurt an ideal destination.

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