Rawalpindi Tourism Expressway To Be Constructed Soon   

The government is building Rawalpindi Tourism Expressway from Rawalpindi to Murree. As part of its efforts to promote tourism in the region, the government will begin the construction of a tourist road. Moreover, the project will be completed within two years.

According to Tariq Mahmoud Murtada, Chairman of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), the investigation and research of the project have been completed. The total cost of the project is around 4.5 billion rupees. However, the first batch of 1.5 billion rupees would be released.

Rawalpindi Tourism Expressway To Be Constructed Soon   

Rawalpindi Tourism Expressway To Be Constructed Soon

This highway will serve as an alternative route for tourists from Rawalpindi to Murree. Plus reach the new tourist destination through the four tehsils in the Rawalpindi district. Under the tourist road project, 123 kilometers of old roads were 12 to 13 feet long and expanded to 24 feet.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has thoroughly approved this project to promote tourism. Furthermore, the project executes by the Punjab Ministry of Engineering and Communications in the future.

On September 22, Prime Minister Imran Khan met with the Pakistan cricket team to boost team morale.

Press Release: 

To begin with, the federal government has allocated 1.5 billion rupees for the construction of a 123-kilometer tourist road. From Rawat Pandori Chowk to Rawalpindi’s four mountainous regions. Kahuta, Kotli Satiyaan, and Kallar Seyedan and Murree.

Further, he added that the construction of the project will start soon. However, the project would complete within two years.

He said: 24 feet wide and will pass through the dense Panjar forest. This is apparently an alternative route from Rawalpindi to Muzaffarabad via Kotli Sattian, Kahuta, Kalar Sediyaan, and Murree.

Rawalpindi Tourism Expressway To Be Constructed Soon   

Rawalpindi Tourism Expressway To Be Constructed Soon

Above all,  the areas on both sides of the highway. including, commercial buildings, squares, factories, markets, hospitals, and educational institutions, and large parks built along the highway. Tariq Murtaza said they also plan to plant 300,000 fruit trees, flowers, and shade trees on both sides of the highway.

Additionally, it also a plan to set 20,000 to 30,000 local traditional fruit trees from the Phothar and Kohsar regions along the highway.

However, “This road will also create jobs,” he said.  Adding that this road will connect to Kotli Satiyaan of the Union Council Narh of Kahuta.

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He also stated that this route will provide convenient access and short trips to the historic Panj Pir Rock. A major tourist destination to be.

Further, its plan aims of making Kotli Satiyaan a new tourist attraction. It will also reduce tourist flow in Murree.

Moreover, the President said that through tourism, the living standards of residents can improve. Plus, they can have the opportunity to earn a living in their hometown.

In last, Kotli Satiyaaan will develop as an alternative to Murree. The federal government is developing a plan to improve the area and identify new tourist attractions.